Web Links


American Association for Clinical Chemistry - Lab Tests Online

ChemCollective - Tutorialsvirtual lab, and other activities for learning chemistry. 

CHEMINFO Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University - Extensive compilation of sources for chemical information. A useful classified arrangement of the most significant chemical information resources on the Internet.

Chemical Education Digital Library - Resources and tools to learn Chemistry.

Find resources related to textbook chapters

Chemistry Animations and Tutorials/Videos on Bio Alive life science video share.

Chemistry: Selected Internet Resources (Library of Congress)

Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for Introduction to College Chemistry  

Chemistry in History - Sections include Thanks to Chemistry, It's Elemental Videos, People, Themes, Activities, and more.

Chemistry Simulations & Animations Links

eMolecules - Searching the World's Chemistry-- open access chemistry search engine that aims to provide all publicly available chemical information.

General Chemistry Online  - A glossary, common compounds, interactive tools, simulations, and tutorials are available.

How Small is an Atom? TED Talk by educator Jon Bergmann. 

Internet Public Library Chemical Sciences (Chemistry)

LabWrite for Students - A interactive laboratory report writing guide.

Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Help - lab help, tutorials and guides, practice tests, and more.

Organic Chemistry Web Links recommended by the American Chemical Society.

OCHEM - Organic Chemistry Help Emediately. Flashcards, tutotials, and other resources for organic chemistry students.

Periodic Table of Videos - The videos talk about each element and feature experiments.

Reactions in Chemistry Video Series - Learn chemistry content, history, applications, and lessons.

Science.gov Chemistry and Chemicals - Databases and links from the U.S. government.

Structural Classification of Proteins - Descriptions of the structural and evolutionary relationships of all known protein structures.

The World of Chemistry Video Series Simulations and experiments introduce students to chemistry in this video series.

Reference Tools

Chemicool Periodic Table - A periodic table that links to articles on each element.

ChemIDplus Search - Dictionary of over 370,000 chemicals (names, synonyms, and structures). Includes links to NLM and other databases and resources.

Molecular Weight Calculation - "Enter the molecular formula for molecular weight information."

NIST Chemistry Webbook

Syngenta Periodic Table - Also includes an interactive chemical reaction zone.

WebElements Periodic Table - "Besides chemical information, one can click on a menu that leads to physical, nuclear, electronic, biological, geological, crystallographic, reduction potentials, and ionization enthalpies data for each element."

Electronic Magazines & Journals

American Scientist articles.

Chemical Processing Magazine

Chemical Week (also available through EBSCOhost Business Source Elite )

Chromatography Online - Liquid & gas separations. Peer-reviewed research for chromatographers & chemists

Environmental Protection

HYLE International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Modern Drug Discovery

New Scientist

Pollution Online

Science Daily

Scientific American


Chemistry Associations on the 'Net

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Royal Society of Chemistry

U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology

EXTOXNET "The EXtension TOXicology NETwork is a searchable information database on pesticides written for the nonexpert...The citations retrieved are mainly from their institutional fact sheets and newsletters which link to the full-text articles."

EPA Toxic Substances List - "Gives hazards summary and workplace exposure limits."

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets search.

This list started from resources listed in Bauer, Francie. "Internet Resources for Chemistry." C&RL News 57.11 (Dec. 1996): 726-729.