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Chemical Engineering links from the Caltech library.

The Chemical Engineers’ Resource Page -Links are included to physical property sources, software, and e-mail archives.

IEEE Global History Network - Contains a wiki with articles and first-hand histories written by IEEE members and experts. 

InTech - Journal of instrumentation, measurement and control.

Internet Public Library: Engineering - Categorized list of links.

Engineering Associations on the 'Net

iTunes U - Educational content from hundreds of universities including lectures, slideshows, PDFs, films, exhibit tours and audiobooks, most of it available for free. For PCs, download free QuickTime with iTunes.

Java Applets for Engineering Education

NASA Education Home - Provided by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Spacelink is an exceedingly rich source of space-related information in many forms.

National Academy of Engineering- The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) advises the federal government on scientific and technical matters by Congressional mandate. Explore different NAE websites at the bottom of the page. Over 900 National Academy Press books from the 1980's and 1990's have been mounted for free viewing <http://www.nap.edu/readingroom/>. 

NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions - Companion to the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions. The original Handbook is the world’s foremost math handbook.

Technology Review - MIT's award-wining website on emerging technologies.

TechXtra - An engineering, mathematics, and computing search engine that searches 31 collections for "articles, books, the best websites, latest industry news, job announcements, technical reports, technical data, full text eprints, the latest research, thesis & dissertations, teaching and learning resources and more".

Writing in Engineering - The OWL at Purdue's Writing Guide.


Directory of open access journals  - Technology

Summaries were taken from the Internet or ACRL’s C&RL News Prepared by Sharon Saulmon