Web Links

Foreign Languages

General Websites

Ethnologue, Languages of the World Database - A guide cataloging all of the world’s known living languages. Statistics cover language size, countries, world area, and language families. Also contains resources for linguists.

How to Type Spanish Letters on a PC or Mac

Internet Public Library's Language and Linguistics Links

Language Learning - Online resources on how to learn a language from the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Language Links - A comprehensive directory of links selected by the International Linguistics Community Online. The section under education called Learning Other Languages Links contains grammar, vocabulary, and other helpful resources for learning specific languages.

Spanish Grammar Strategies Project - Learning strategies from the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition. 

UCLA Language Materials Project - Teaching resources for less commonly taught languages. Links to audio, video, websites, and more.

Dictionaries and Translations

Alpha Language Dictionaries and Glossaries - A comprehensive list of the "cream of the crop" dictionaries and glossaries available online.

Health Information Translations - Provides educational resources in different languages for health professionals. 

Interactive Terminology for Europe - Translates terms used by foreign agencies in the European Union. Hover the mouse arrow over the abbreviations to see the language name.

Language Dictionaries and Translators - Recommended websites from the International Linguistics Community Online.

Lexicool - Dictionaries by language, by subject, and online translators.

Perseus Digital Library - Under Collections, texts for learning Arabic, Greek, Latin, Old Norse, and  Shakespearean grammar are scattered throughout the titles lists. Clicking All Search Options at the top right of the homepage will bring up a search page with an option to translate words from English to Arabic, Greek, Latin, or Old Norse.

Scientific and Technical Glossaries - English terms translated to German, French, and Spanish.

Verbix - Online verb conjugator for hundreds of languages.

Word Reference Online Language Dictionaries - Contains pronunciation, definitions, phrases, and context.