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Learning & Teaching Resources

Annenberg Media free Teacher Workshop Videos and K-College Educational Video Series

Carnegie Gallery of Teaching and Learning and Elibrary.

Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship - Georgetown University

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at University of Michigan has a
Teaching Strategies & Disciplinary Resources section.

The Center for Teaching - The University of Iowa Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) is a self-assessment of instructional goals

Clickers Pathfinder - Resources relating to the use of clickers in education.

Columbia University Teachers' College
Research and Service  and  Teachers College Record

Community College Research Center  

Distance Education Clearinghouse - University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Instructional Design Models

Learning Styles and ILS Learning Style Test Resources

Merlot - Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching.

National Learning Communities Directory

North Carolina State University Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

The National Center for Technology Planning indexes college technology planning documents.

National Center for Higher Education Management Systems provides information about funding and assessment strategies for the use of technology in higher education.

National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) invites all interested educators to join their free online community. The community has access to online multimedia content, professional development resources, and discussions.

Online Instructional Resources - Annotated links selected from hundreds of online instructional resources.

Open Courseware Consortium 

Professional Development Resources

Teaching & Learning Center - Eastern Kentucky University. 

Learning & Teaching Articles

The LRC's Online Higher Education Journal and Newsletter Links

Active Learning For The College Classroom - techniques and resources for active learning, critical thinking, and cooperative learning.

EDUCAUSE Publications 

ERIC - The World's largest digital library of education literature. ERIC is also in the LRC's EBSCOhost Database.

ERIC Digests - Education articles produced by the former ERIC Clearinghouse system.

IDEA papers - IDEA Papers are small works, usually 4-6 pages, concerning a wide variety of Faculty Evaluation and Development issues.

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

National Education Association Higher Education Publications

National Teaching and Learning Forum

Pedagogies of Uncertainty

Copyright Resources

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education - Developed by the Center for Social Media at American University.

Copyright Advisory Network Resources to help librarians and others learn about copyright.

Copyright Crash Course - TEACH Act from the University of Texas

Copyright Education - University of California on copyright

Copyright 411 Tutorial - Created by Oklahoma State University in cooperation with BYU.

Copyright Primer - Introduction to issues concerning copyright ownership by the University of Maryland University College.

Copyright Tutorial for the University of Texas. One of the best tutorials.

The Copyright Website - the ultimate copyright portal. Endeavoring to provide real world, practical copyright information for over a decade.

Freedom of Information Act

Know Your Copy Rights, a faculty guide by the Association of Research Libraries  

Copyright Corner - Laura Gasaway’s "Copyright Corner" from Special Libraries Association's Information Outlook

Public Domain Chart - When works pass into public domain chart by Lolly Gasaway of the University of North Carolina.

Public Domain Slider Tool

Stanford’s Copyright and Fair Use

The U.S. Copyright Office 

University of California Copyright Education web site.

Course Specific Resources

AMSER, Applied Math and Science Education Repository, educational resources built specifically for community and technical colleges.

Ethics Education Library - A cross-discipline collection of case studies, online tutorials, best practices, teaching resources, and assessment methods.

ERIC is as a great source for full-text articles on teaching higher education courses.

Merlot, Multimedia Resources for Learning and Online Teaching, has sections for Arts, Business, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences 

National Communication Association Teaching and Learning Resources.


Art Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository.

CET: Teaching & Learning: Arts

National Gallery of Art Learning Resources - Borrow, browse, and download more than 500 resources, including teaching packets, DVDs, online interactives and features, podcasts, brochures, and more.

Business & Economics 

CET: Teaching & Learning: Improving Learning in Business & Economics

EconEdLink - Economics and Personal Finance lesson plans, resources, and interactive tools.

Economics Interactive - Great Ideas for Teaching Economics

Economics Resources for College Teachers 

Teaching Resources for Economists

Computer Science 

ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education 

CSERD: Computer Science Education Reference Desk

Computing and Information Technology Interactive Digital Educational Library Repository: CITIDEL Home

Ensemble - Pathway to communities and resources for computer science education.

Microsoft Faculty Connection

Shodor: National Resource for Computer Science Education


Language Arts Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository.

National Council of Teachers of English

Teaching College English and English Education: Reflective Stories. 394 page PDF with 32 stories.  

Health Sciences 

Health Education Assets Library

Health Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository.

MedEd Portal

Portal of Geriatric Online Education  


CET: Teaching & Learning: History

Digital History Teacher Resources

Secrets of Great History Teachers

Social Studies Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository. 


Community College Humanities Association

CET: Teaching & Learning: Humanities Resources

EDSITEment: The Best of Humanities on the Web - Lesson plans, recommended websites, and student resources.

Foreign Language Resource Centers - Searchable resources for teaching foreign languages. 

National Humanities Center TeacherServe  and America in Class primary sources and lessons.


MathDL: The MAA Mathematics Science Digital Library

Math Teaching Issues and Strategies

Mathematics Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Resources for College Math Professors 


American Association of Physics Teachers

American Society for Engineering Education

BEN: Biological Sciences Pathway

ChemEd DL: Chemistry Education Pathway  

CLEAN: Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network Pathway

ComPADRE: Physics and Astronomy Pathway

NASA for Educators - Higher Education section.

National Association of Biology Teachers

National Science Digital Library

National Science Teachers Association

Physics Teacher Education Coalition

Resources for Teaching Biology

Resources for Teaching Chemistry

Resources for Teaching Physics

Science.gov Teaching and Education resources  

Science Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository.  

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science

Teach the Earth: the SERC Portal for Geoscience Educators 

Technology and Engineering Education Websites 

Social Sciences 

CET: Teaching & Learning: Social Sciences Resources

National Council for Social Studies - Higher Education Resources 

Social Studies Resources from the Applied Math and Science Education Repository.

TeachingWithData.org: Pathway to Quantitative Literacy in the Social Sciences 

Academic Integrity

The LRC's Plagiarism Prevention Links

Cornell Policy on Academic Integrity

How to Prevent Plagiarism Articles

Diversity Resources

Diversity in the College Classroom : A Guidebook from The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning.

Resources about Inclusive Teaching Methods from the Office Of Faculty and Organizational Development at Michigan State University.

Search ERIC for diversity and limit to higher education.


Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

EDUCAUSE Podcasts - Cover a wide-range of higher education topics.

How to Convert Video Files to Video Podcast/iPod Friendly MP4's For Free

How To Create A Podcast (YouTube)

How to Podcast

iTunes U Course Manager Support

Making a Podcast for iTunes

YouTube Edu Videos

Using Games for Teaching

Search ERIC for educational games, games, or video games as descriptors or for specific games.

Game Theory
Gaming in English
Science & Math Simulations
Math Digital Classroom Resources
Using Games in the Classroom 

Specific Games:

Absurd Math (Pre-Algebra)

Alice - An educational software program that teaches computer programming in a 3D environment.

Computerized Simulations for Marketing Development

Games for the Science Curriculum

Interactive Illustrations: Economics and Finance Second Life 

Stanford Bank Game 

Teaching Climate Change Activities and Games