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Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs

ECAI - Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative - Aims to make a distributed virtual library of cultural information with a time and place interface.

Internet Public Library: Sociology Links and Associations

iTunes U - Educational content from hundreds of universities including lectures, slideshows, PDFs, films, exhibit tours and audiobooks, most of it available for free. For PCs, download free QuickTime with iTunes.

Social, Economic and Political Change - An annotated listing of links to information about large-scale, long-term social systems change at the national and international level.

Social Science Research Network - Devoted to the rapid dissemination of social science research. Search or browse social science papers.  

Sociology Links recommended by  The Library of Congress.

Sociological Subjects at SocioSite

A Sociology Timeline from 1600 by Ed Stephan

The SocioWeb - "Your Independent Guide to Sociological Resources on the Internet" 

Spotlight On Poverty and Opportunity: The Source for News, Ideas, and Action. A non-partisan website. The issues section contains research, headlines, commentary, links, polls, and other resources on poverty issues.

Urban Institute: Research of Record - A nonpartisan think tank that investigates and analyses U.S. social and economic problems and issues. Browse by topic to find research and links to relevant policy centers.

Writing in the Social Sciences

Demographics and Statistics

GovDocs Statistics Links

Internet Crossroads in Social Science Data

MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Population Reference Bureau

Sociosite - Social Science information website with categorized links and resources.

Stunning Progress, Hidden Problems: The Dramatic Decline of Concentrated Poverty in the 1990s -- map poverty, demographic, and housing trends at the census tract level from 1970 to 2000, using Census data.

More statistics links are listed in the LRC's Statistics Research Links

Electronic Journals/Journals

American Sociological Association Journals

CJS Online - Canadian Journal of Sociology Online

Current Research in Social Psychology - A peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of social psychology.

Center for the Study of Group Processes - University of Iowa

Electronic Journal of Sociology

The Pacific Sociologist - Newsletter of the Pacific Sociological Association.

Postmodern Culture - "An experiment in scholarly publishing on the Internet.."
"Leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures.."
Johns Hopkins University Press, University of Virginia and Vassar College

Social Research Update Published quarterly by the Department of Sociology - University of Surrey, England.

Sociological Research Online - "Focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological
discussions which engage with current political, cultural and intellectual
topics and debates."

The Southern Sociologist -Newsletter of the Southern Sociological Society

Other journals are available in the EBSCOhost database

Professional Organizations

American Sociology Association

International Sociological Association

Midwest Sociological Society

Mid-South Sociological Association

Internet Public Library: Sociology Associations

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