Interlibrary Loan

Materials not available at the Learning Resources Center may be requested through Interlibrary Loan. To request an item from another library obtain an Interlibrary Loan form from the librarian at the Reference Desk or fill out the online Interlibrary Loan form by clicking on the links below. Assistance in locating materials is available at the Reference Desk. This service is meant to support student and staff research. It is usually available at no cost. On the average, it takes 5 to 10 days to fill a materials request.

Online Interlibrary Loan Request Forms

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Interlibrary Loan Policy

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is the act of borrowing and/or loaning library materials to and from other libraries. Supervision of ILLs for the Rose State College Learning Resources Center falls under the responsibility of the Reference/Special Projects Librarian. All questions, comments, or problems should be referred to him/her.

  1. The Library Administrative Assistant will routinely perform and make daily decisions regarding ILLs. In the event of the absence of the Library Administrative Assistant, ILLs can be delayed 1 day to await his/her return
    • In the absence of the Library Administrative Assistant the Reference/Special Projects Librarian will perform ILL duties.
    • In the absence of the Library Administrative Assistant and the Reference/Special Projects Librarian the Head Librarian will perform ILL duties.
  2. ILL requests will only be performed for RSC students, faculty and staff.
    • Patrons whose records indicate a library block or other library restriction will not be allowed to request ILL services.
    • An RSC student ID must be shown at the time of requesting ILL services, and the student ID number should be written on each ILL Request Form.
    • Faculty/Staff ID, staff directory, phoning departments, or general knowledge can confirm the employment status of Rose State personnel.
  3. ILL staff members will attempt all appropriate means to acquire ILL items.
    • ILL requests that are unfilled on the first attempt will be resubmitted for a second session, if holdings are available. If an ILL request is unfilled for a second time the requesting patron will be notified. If the requestor still needs the item, the ILL staff will continue to request the item until all holdings have been exhausted. If the item is still unavailable the patron will be notified.
    • Patrons will be notified of all ILL requests that cannot be filled.
  4. RSC will not request items the library currently owns unless the item is long overdue, missing, or damaged.
  5. ILL requests may be submitted in a variety of ways. Students however must fill out an ILL Request Form in person or use the Internet ILL Form. Reference personnel will verify student enrollment by writing the student’s RSC ID number on the request form. The Library Administrative Assistant will verify student status on ILL requests submitted through the Internet. Either the reference personnel or the Library Administrative Assistant can assist patrons with completing the ILL Request Form.
    • Faculty/staff may also submit requests by memo, e-mail, or by phoning either the reference desk or the Library Administrative Assistant.
    • ILL requests that are submitted via the Internet and do not contain a valid RSC ID will not be processed. No notification will be sent to the requestor as stated on the Internet ILL form.
    • Patrons are welcome to submit as many ILL requests as they wish; however, the ILL staff reserves the right to perform only 5 requests per day for an individual, when there are time constraints.
  6. The RSC Library will not pay for ILLs. If there is no other means to obtain an ILL but through a location requiring payment, the ILL staff will notify the patron before accepting. If the patron agrees to accept responsibility for payment, the ILL staff will continue with the process. (All costs will be given out as estimates until final invoices are received.) If the patron is unwilling to pay costs, the ILL request will be terminated.
    • Faculty/staff members requesting ILLs with costs will be notified, as well. If the member acknowledges that the item is for personal use and willing to accept charges, the ILL staff will continue with the request. If, however, the patron is unwilling to accept charges the request will be terminated. If the ILL request is RSC work related, the library will accept all charges in obtaining the item.
    • Patrons needing to pay for ILLs must do so at the time they pick up the requested item. No payments will be accepted before items have been received, as costs may vary. No ILL items will be turned over to a patron until all costs have been paid.
  7. The ILL department will order ERIC documents for students, faculty, and staff. ERIC documents do have costs associated with them. The same policies under Section VI, will apply.
  8. Individuals must sign and date the ILL Agreement form before taking borrowed items from the library. No signature is needed for those items that won't be returned and the patron is free to keep.
  9. The ILL staff will make every attempt to make RSC materials available for other libraries. Audiovisual materials, CDs, software, microfilm/fiche, and reserve items are not available for ILL. Reference books, new books (3 months), special collections material (photocopies only), and vertical file items are available for ILL, but at the discretion of the Library Administrative Assistant and in his/her absence the Reference/Special Projects Librarian or the Head Librarian. The Library Administrative Assistant will check with the Reference/Special Projects Librarian or the Head Librarian on any questionable items. All other items are freely available for ILL.
    • RSC will entertain ILL requests from other institutions in a variety of ways, OCLC, U.S. Mail, fax, or courier service. All requests must be in writing.
    • ILLs have the same rights and restrictions (21-day checkout, 1 renewal, etc.) as any other item being checked out from the RSC library.
    • Whole sets or series of books will not be ILL'ed, only specific volumes.
  10. The Library Administrative Assistant will manage records and statistical information regarding ILLs. In the absence of the Library Administrative Assistant, individuals performing ILL services should leave detailed notes as to what services they performed.
    • ILL records will be kept for 5 years.
  11. The Library Administrative Assistant will perform copyright compliance procedures after the first of each year.