Student Resources

Tutoring Center

Rose State College provides free tutoring services to all Rose State College students, as well as area high school students.

Tutoring is available for most required general education courses; tutors are not always available for specialized classes. The Tutoring Center is temporarily located in the Child Development Center, Rooms CD115, CD116, and CD117 (see campus map, building 16).

  • Rose State College students are allowed 2 hours of tutoring per week, per enrolled class.
  • High school students are allowed 1 hour of tutoring per week, per subject.
  • You must notify Tutoring Services and your tutor if you need to cancel a tutoring session.
  • Students who miss two scheduled tutoring appointments, even with notification, can be dropped.

The Tutoring Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Hours vary from this schedule during the Interim sessions.

Open a live, interactive Google calendar for the Tutoring Center. Click the Add to Google Calendar button in the lower, right corner of the calendar window to add the Tutoring Center events to your Google Calendar.

Students who need evening or weekend tutoring may visit with the Supervisor of the Tutoring Center to see if arrangements can be made with a tutor to meet in a pre-approved place on campus. We do our best to accommodate student needs as much as possible. Online tutoring is available on a 24/7 basis as well.

Online Tutoring

Perhaps you need help with a course but can't drive to campus? Maybe it's too late to schedule a tutor or there aren't any available during the times you are? If that's the case, online tutoring might be an option for you.

Through a partnership with, Rose State College offers free online assistance that connects students one-to-one with subject-expert tutors for assistance in most general education courses. Online tutoring service can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. Students are allowed up to five sessions per week. This online tutoring service also provides real-time and drop-off writing assistance.

Additionally, the program offers resources such as study tools, lessons, test prep materials and instructional videos. After you work with a tutor, you can print your session to review it again at any time. You also have the opportunity to rate each tutoring session, save favorite tutor names and schedule time with tutors.

Subject Area Hours
  • Mathematics: 24/7
  • English (includes writing assistance): 24/7
  • Science: 24/7
  • Social Sciences: 24/7
  • En Español (Math, Science and Social Studies): 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM (CST)
  • Business: 3:00 PM to Midnight (CST) everyday
  • Microsoft Word and Excel: 24/7
How to Access Your Account

You must first log into your D2L account, then navigate to the class in which you're needing assistance, open the College Resources on the navbar and click the link.

How to Prepare For a Tutoring Session

Have a question or concept you would like to review with a tutor ready. Enter your question and any important notes in the pre-session survey; this will save you time while you're in a session with a tutor.

It's important that you remove any identifying information (like your name) from your documents before uploading them into the classroom. Upload your papers in advance on the pre-session page to maximize your tutoring time. Learn more about by watching this instructional video:

Becoming a Tutor

Tutor Qualifications
  • You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have at least a 3.0 overall Grade Point Average (on a 4.0 scale).
  • You must have made at least a "B" in the course.
  • You must have approval of appropriate division dean.
  • You must pass the assessment test(s) at the required level.
  • You must pass Rose State College employment checks.
Application Forms

If you meet the qualifications and wish to become a tutor at Rose State College, please:

For further information, please contact Tutoring Services at (405) 733-7417.