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College Snapshot 2018

Come learn everything you need to know about starting college off on the right track!

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Brightspace:  Coursework Tools for Every Course & Free Tutoring for All
Brightspace:  Coursework Tools for Every Course :  Did you know that most classes use Brightspace (aka D2L) to provide course materials & grades? Would you like to get online grade notifications, create a calendar or learn more about your student gmail account? Join us for a sneak peak of these online tools!
Free Tutoring for All:  Freaking out about college-level classes? Learn about the free tutoring services offered to you on Rose State Campus, and how they can help you in your college coursework!

Campus Engagement and Involvement Opportunities & Bystander Training
Campus Engagement & Involvement Opportunities:  Ask current students all the questions you have about being in a club and becoming involved on campus.  
Bystander Training:  Creating a fun and safe campus experience for everyone is easy, but we need your help!  This session will provide you with tips on how to be an active bystander and what we will do to alert if any trouble should arise.

Career Exploration & Money Matters:  A Raider’s Guide to Money Management
Career ExplorationNot sure what you want to major in or which career is right for you?  Explore your interests through an online assessment and see if your degree choice matches your abilities.  
Your Money Matters!  A Raider’s Guide to Life on a College Budget:  Unexpected college expenses can cause stress.   Listen to the expert from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education on how to budget and plan for the upcoming expenses of college. 

College Success, GEAR UP & Trio Programs
College Success:  Come learn the skills and resources needed to succeed in college. Answer questions like, “What if I don’t know anyone on campus? Is it important to get involved on campus? What if I start failing a class?” there are so many questions that cloud our minds as a first-time student, come to this workshop to help combat those thoughts.
GEAR UPCome learn about the benefits of being a GEAR UP student and discover how the college liaison can be a helpful resource for you. Open to students from McLoud, Harrah, Tecumseh, Luther, Marietta, Little Axe, Davis, Duncan, Elk City, Sapulpa and Ardmore.
TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS):  READY, SET, TRIO! Do you have questions about college? Don’t go it alone. TRIO SSS offers academic support services to college students just like you. Come find out how TRIO SSS can be your vehicle to success in college! Perfect session for 1st generation college students.

Comparison:  Thief of Joy & Who Are Your Classmates
Comparison Thief of JoyThe tendency to compare comes from within. We’ll look at ways to stop focusing on comparing ourselves so that we may live the best and fullest lives possible.
Who Are Your ClassmatesA look at the student culture at Rose State College: diverse demographics and common goals; encouraging relationships with peers in class and on campus 

Foreign Land of College & Calling All Future Teachers
The Foreign Land of CollegeCollege life can be a big surprise and an adjustment period.  This session will help you become emotionally and mentally prepared for the college experience. 
Calling All Future TeachersCalling all future teachers get information on transferring credits after graduation, field trips planned to area universities’, Education programs this fall semester, and TEACH club.   
Global & Cultural Learning Program & Celebrate World Languages
Global and Cultural Learning Program:  Encourages students to experience new cultures.  Employers are seeking employees who have knowledge of and experience with cultures besides their own. The Global and Cultural Learning Program gives students an opportunity to enhance this knowledge.    What is the Passport Program? Would you like to join one of our cultural bus trips? Would you like to travel to Europe with us?
Do you want to earn a degree with a Cultural Studies Emphasis?
Celebrate World LanguagesRose State College values diversity and strives for our students to be citizens of the world.  This session will help you understand how the study of another language can not only benefit you financially, but also physically, academically, and personally.

Great Expectations: Keys to Establishing Successful Academic Relationships & Your Professor is Not an Alien
Great Expectations: Keys to Establishing Successful Academic Relationships: The Social Sciences Dean and Associate Dean will offer helpful advice for students to make a great first impression with their professors and campus administrators.  Students will receive valuable insights on how to communicate with professors and campus personnel to both maximize their academic success and cultivate relationships that will serve them well throughout their entire academic careers.   
Your Professor is Not an AlienReview these helpful insights:  Professors are people too, the course syllabus and you, communication interactions between students and professors and how those interactions benefit students, success in a course is a two-way street. 

Help Me It’s All Online & 3D Printing, Prototyping, and More
Help Me It’s All Online:  Taking classes online for the first time can be tricky even for those tech savvy students.  Come get information on how to be successful managing classes online or hybrid classes.
3D Printing, Prototyping, and More: Tour of the BIT Rapid Prototyping Lab, Demonstration of 3D Printing and Laser Creating, Review of Requirements to Use the Rapid Prototyping Lab

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society & Writing in College

Phi Theta Kappa Honor SocietyPhi Theta Kappa Honor Society is the largest honor society in the world, but membership is by invitation only. Come find out if you can join and how membership can boost your skills on the job market!
Writing in CollegeAccording to the US Department of Education, only 27% of students graduating from high school have proficient writing skills.  Come to this session to learn about the extensive resources and friendly people we have across the Rose State campus to help the other 63% of the students excel in writing challenges of college.

Student Senate & Paralegal:  Road to the Courtroom
Student Senate:  What is student senate?  What are the benefits to be a student senator?  How do you run for an office? 
Paralegal:  Road to the Courtroom: 
Meet the Director of Paralegal program, at Rose State College and let him guide you through all options for people interested in careers in the courtroom

Studying for a Science Course A. Hurst & Health Science Careers
Studying for a Science CourseWhether science is your major or to meet general education requirements, there are key things you can do to boost your performance. Come learn some tested methods for how to succeed in not only a science course, but all courses!
Health Science Careers:  This presentation will focus on Health Science programs- admission requirements (prerequisite courses required prior to admission, schedule suggestions), the application procedures for admission, selection guidelines, costs, and career opportunities.

Tips & Tricks for First Time Students & Athletics, Aquatics, & Wellness
Tips & Tricks for First Time Students:  Join the G.R.A.D. Center in this beneficial information session.  We will discuss information that every first-time college students needs to know, as well as, helpful tips towards earning your associate degree.  
Athletics, Aquatics, & WellnessThis session will tell you how to get connected and involved with Athletics as well as information and access to the Aquatics & Wellness Center. Find out the rules, take a tour, and get all of the information you need to begin your fall semester!