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What is WYNN?

WYNN is a software program that helps people read and write more easily, comprehend more efficiently and study more effectively. For those who find reading a chore, WYNN transforms printed text into understandable text. WYNN assists in reading and comprehension by spotlighting each word as it is read aloud. This audiovisual approach helps improve comprehension.

If words seem to run together, WYNN can change the spacing between the words, lines, or even between the characters. If you are having trouble following from word to word, WYNN can mask out sections of the page or change the color of the cursor to keep them from distracting you.

There are also traditional study tools included in WYNN. You can highlight important passages, insert bookmarks and add written or spoken notes. After a page has been scanned into WYNN, there are two options for viewing the page. The Exact View, which maintains the layout and graphics of the original document, and the Text View, which strips away everything but the text. All of these tools and features are meant to help the student focus on what is relevant in the material they are reading.


Easy-to-use color-coded toolbars let you modify the appearance of the page to suit your individual needs.There are four tool bars in the WYNN software:

  • File Management Tool Bar (Blue) -- This tool bar is designed to help you scan into, open, close, save, and print files.
  • Visual Presentation Tool Bar (Green) -- On this tool bar you will find buttons that let you determine how WYNN presents the document page: the size of the text, spacing, and margins, and the type of font used.
  • Study Helps Tool Bar (Pink) -- This tool bar gives you access to a dictionary and a thesaurus.
    • It allows you to add a bookmark, text or voice note to the document.
    • It allows you to highlight a section of text.
    • In addition, you can ask WYNN to create a list of highlighted words, or spell a word out loud.
  • Writing Tool Bar (Yellow) -- This tool bar contains buttons that help you write, edit, and spell check a document. There is also a button that lets you search for text or markups.

For a demonstration or training on this technology, please arrange at the Tutoring Desk, on the first floor of the Learning Resources Center/Library, (405) 733-7417.

Anyone interested in more information concerning services for students with disabilities may call (405) 733-7373 or come by the Learning Resources Center, Room 106.