Textbook Information for Alt Format

Alt Format FAQ

What is Alt Format?

Alt Format, or Alternative Format, is a varied format of printed documents. It provides a way for printed material to better fit a reader’s unique preferences in order to better access it in a meaningful and effective manner. It could be any variety of reason ranging from simply an easier to read font to braille for visually impaired readers. Alt Format offers choices for all readers. It can help even the best reader be more efficient.

Do I need Alt Format?

Possibly! Alt Format can benefit many readers. By altering the text it can be easier to comprehend with specific sizes and styles of fonts. By changing the color contrast, it can offer more clarity and reduce strain on the eyes while audio can reduce the muscle strain of reading. A digital or audio copy offers greater portability than a hard copy. The reasons and benefits that it can give to readers are different for everyone so it’s a personal decision but a good one to consider.

What types of Alt Format are there?

Digital: A digital copy of the print book available to you on most devices. A digital copy can come as an e-book, or as a downloadable copy (e.g. Word doc, PDF file). An e-book is commonly found on a device such as a Kindle but can also be accessed on devices that have a bookkeeping application. E.g. the “Books” app on an iPhone that connects to iTunes or Moon+ Reader on Android. A downloadable document allows the user to put the file on their own device.  With text to speech application or software like Read & Write it can read the text aloud, much like an audiobook.

Large Print: The larger print version of the text. It may be impractical however, for material that contains graphs, data charts, tables, or any pictures. Large Print offers extra clarity for readers of any background, and for low-light readers. Digital versions also allow the individual to enlarge text on the screen.

Audio: Audio text is a recording of someone, or a highly synthetic voice, reading the material.

Braille: Braille is a written language for visually impaired or blind individuals. It is a combination of raised dots, called “cells”, arranged in patterns to represent different letters, numbers, and symbols. Each language has its own version of Braille.

How do I acquire Alt Format?

Alt Format can largely be obtained by the individuals themselves! Sites like VitalSource, CafeScribeBookshareAmazonAudible and LibriVox all can help you access theses texts but SAS is always happy to help if issues arise. Publishers are actively trying to make their material more accessible to individuals by making them available for purchase on these sites.

I’m having troubles obtaining the Alt Format I want what do I do?

That happens sometimes! Call SAS at (405)733-7373 and we will help you or arrange an appointment to visit with you regarding the need and options. We may require some documentation but that’ll be determined on a case by case basis. We encourage readers to be as independent and confident as possible but we are here to help!