Study Guide

To be successful at Rose State, enrolling in courses that are appropriate to your current level of knowledge is an important first step. Therefore, new students who wish to enroll in credit classes are required to complete assessment or have ACT scores of 19 or higher in each subject area. If you have previously received college credit for English composition, math, or science courses, you should consult the assessment policy in the college catalog or visit with a counselor in the Student Services Building. Click to view the Rose State College Catalog.

ASSET/COMPASS is used only to place you in the appropriate level classes. It is not an admission test and the results will have no effect upon your acceptance as a student at Rose State College. However, you may be required to enroll in reading, English or math skill-building classes your first semester based on your assessment test scores. You must file your application for admission prior to taking the assessment tests. There is no additional charge for taking the test.

Requests from individuals with disabilities for accommodation necessary for testing services should be made in advance with documentation by contacting the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator at (405) 733-7979.

Please review the following resources to prepare for the ASSET/COMPASS. Remember that a little time invested now will help to ensure you are in the appropriate classes for your skills!