Financial Aid Forms

2019 Aid Year Forms

Form Instructions

For a list of the forms you need to submit, you must check your To-Do-List on OASIS. All PDF forms must be printed, signed and submitted to our office. If you are sending a form via email, you must scan the form into a PDF and attached to the email. Photos of completed forms will not be accepted! Make sure that any forms that are emailed or faxed include the student’s RSC Student ID Number. To protect your privacy, please send all email correspondence through your Raider email.


Fax: (405) 736-0359 

In Person: Student Services Building, Room 200 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Forms

The following form is used to appeal a Financial Aid Exclusion:
Exclusion Appeal Form/Academic Plan Worksheet (PDF)

The following form is used for Resolution of Excess Hours (100 credit hours attempted or over): 
Resolution of Excess Hours (PDF)

The following form should be submitted when a student reaches the SAP requirements:
Review of SAP (PDF) 

Independent Verification
Independent Verification Worksheet (PDF)
Resolution of Student Marital Status and Tax Filing Status (PDF)
Student Income Resource Form (PDF)
Student Non-Filer Worksheet (PDF)
Spouse Non-Filer Worksheet (PDF)
Verification of Other Dependents for Independent Student (PDF)

Dependent Verification
Dependent Verification Worksheet (PDF)
Parent Income Resource Form (PDF)
Parent(s) Non-Filer Worksheet (PDF)
Resolution of Parent Marital Status and Tax Filing Status (PDF)
Verification of Other Dependents for Dependent Student (PDF) 

Other Verification
Child Support Paid Verification (PDF)
Child Support Received Verification (PDF)
High School Completion Status (PDF)
Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (PDF)
Verification of Other Untaxed Income (PDF)
Victim of Identity Theft Personal Statement (PDF) 

Borrower Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
Exceeded Loan Limits (PDF)
Federal Direct Loan Request Form (PDF)
Physicians Certification (PDF)

Unusual Enrollment
Unusual Enrollment History Form (PDF) 

Consortium Agreement (PDF)
Dependency Override (PDF)
Documentation of Independent Status (PDF)
Federal Work Study Request Form (PDF)
Financial Aid Cancellation Form (PDF)
IRS Tax Form 4506-T (PDF)
Military Housing Allowance (PDF)
Parent Certification of Refusal to Provide Info (PDF)
Professional Judgment Request Form – Dependent Student (PDF)
Professional Judgment Request Form – Independent Student (PDF)
Verification of HS Equivalency (PDF)

Ticket to Rose

Community Service Completion Form (PDF)