Leadership Scholarships

President’s Leadership Class (PLC)

The President’s Leadership Program is intended to support and advance the ongoing development of students and leaders. The Rose State College President’s Leadership Class gives a select class of students the opportunity to learn new skills, improve campus life, and to help facilitate future leadership opportunities. Together, the College and the Rose State College Foundation supports these students.

The PLC program builds on each student’s current foundation of leadership skills by:

  • Providing the RSC leadership development course, leadership conferences, and culturally enriching experiences that hone those skills.
  • Expecting members to be actively involved in student clubs, campus events, and community outreach programs.
  • Building character traits through campus mentors.
  • Increasing resources for the resume through development activities. 

The preferred criteria to be considered for this program includes:

  • Active school AND community organization involvement.
  • Membership in three or more school related clubs and held an officer position.
  • Attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and scored a minimum ACT composite of 21. 

Select graduating high school or home school seniors are awarded the PLC scholarship which includes a tuition waiver scholarship for up to 16 credit hours provided by the College. In addition, the College and the Rose State College Foundation donors provide additional financial support each semester to these students for books and fees. The value of the RSC Foundation scholarship support varies and is subject to change.

Some of these PLC scholarships bear the name of community leaders and former Rose State College Presidents.  

These include: 

Dr. Jim Cook PLC Scholarship

Dr. Terry Britton PLC Scholarship

FNB Community Bank PLC Scholarship

Robert and Linda Croak PLC Scholarship

Advantage Bank Scholarship

Amelia Earhart Scholarship

BancFirst Scholarship

Betty Price Scholarship

Joe W. Davis Scholarship

Joy Rupp Scholarship

Katherine Joan Hardin Memorial Scholarship

Mary Lou Hawkins/MWC Lions Club Scholarship

Melanie Marie Eisenhour Salter Memorial Scholarship

Regent Joe Cole Scholarship

Sam and Jo Hinojosa Scholarship

Charles and Lola Howard Scholarship

David and Jo Anne Fox Scholarship

Elizabeth DeCarlo Memorial Scholarship

Joe and LaFern Barnes Scholarship

Jordan Scholarship

Stephen and Mikele Leone Scholarship

Susan Loveless Memorial Scholarship

Union Ladies Aid Society of Sooner (ULASS) Book Scholarships