Writers Symposium 2017

Session Speakers

  • Lara Bernhardt, Author of The Wantland Files
  • Alton Carter, inspirational writer for young readers
  • Gary Conrad, fiction, nonfiction, and spirituality
  • Gina Conroy, romance and YA fiction
  • Jeanne Devlin, editor of the Roadrunner Press
  • Mary Anne Evans, mystery writer
  • Sabrina Fish, fantasy author
  • Tamara Grantham, fantasy author
  • Nikki Hanna, nonfiction and memoir
  • Jennifer Kidney, poet
  • Selma Mann, poet
  • Jaz Primo, author of the Sunset Vampire series
  • Carl Sennhenn, poet laureate
  • Constance Squires, author of Along the Watchtower
  • Patrick von Wiegandt, song and screenplay writer