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The Groundwater Rule (GWR) Monitoring Requirements Placards are an Adobe pdf tool to help systems understand monitoring and communication requirements under the GWR. The tool targets system types (i.e. CWS, NCWS, wholesale, consecutive systems) and the specific information on which GWR requirements must be met. Using the placards, it is the goal of EPA that operators of specific system types be able to understand which GWR requirements must be met in the event that a total coliform-positive or fecal coliform-positive sample is identified.

In January 2011, the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act was signed into law, which will reduce the allowable lead content of wetted surfaces in drinking water pipes, pipe fittings, and plumbing fixtures.

This act prohibits the sale of valves, fittings and fixtures with a weighted lead content of more than 0.25% for any use with potable water.

The suppliers inventory of brass becomes obsolete on January 4, 2014. This means you will no longer be able to buy valves, fittings, or fixtures that contains lead which exceeds the 0.25% weighted average limit for wetted surfaces.

DEQ Rule Updates

Operator Certification Online Renewal System

The online renewal system is only be available to operators who are current and in good financial standing with DEQ. If you have late fees associated with your certification, it will not be available online at this time.

To access, visit www.ok.gov/deq/license/app/index.php and click the red "First Time User" button. Follow the instructions on the site to create your new account. If you encounter difficulties with account creation, contact the OK.gov help desk at (405) 524-3468 or (800) 955-3468.

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