MyMachine Grand Expo 2016

May 20, 2016, 6 PM to 10 PM - Film Row (Sheridan and Lee)

Business & Community


MyMachine, founded in Belgium in 2008 is a unique grass roots idea to foster STEAM and creativity in the minds of children across the world.

Learn More! Additional information on MyMachine Global can be found here (PDF)


With locations in Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal, South Africa, and Oklahoma, Rose State College is the first MyMachine site in the United States and in the entire Western Hemisphere.

MyMachine is a STEM-based collaboration between students from Mid-Del's Soldier Creek Elementary, the John Rex Charter Elementary, Mid Del Technology Center, Rose State College, and the RSC Fab Lab.  The program is based on three main steps: Idea > Design > Prototype.

In September 2015, second grade students were asked to design a “dream machine”.  One idea from each class was selected and sent to college students for 3d design, from there, the college students work with high school career tech students to produce a working prototype.  A "Grand Exhibition" to display the working prototypes will be in April 2016.