Midwest City Schools Join Rose State for Creative Partnership Published June 10, 2015 by Tamara Pratt

President Webb and Mid-Del's Superintendent Dr. Pam Deering with students from Mid-Del's Soldier Creek Elementary

Photo above:  Students from Mid-Del’s Soldier Creek Elementary show off their MyMachine ideas to Rose State College President Dr. Jeanie Webb and Mid-Del’s Superintendent Dr. Pam Deering.

Rose State College continues to grow the MyMachine creative program throughout the county. New schools that will join the college’s program this fall include Mid-Del’s Soldier Creek Elementary School and Mid Del Technology Center.

MyMachine is an entrepreneurial program that brings together elementary students, college students and technical school students. The program leads all the players from six to 30 years of age through a collaborative project of design, implementation and creation.

The first step starts with elementary school students using their imagination to come up with their “dream machine”. It can be anything from a machine that completes chores to an automated bunk-bed. Mid Del Technology Students will then provide detailed sketches based on the children’s ideas and create scale models and ultimately life-size prototypes. All the while, the children will provide feedback on the accuracy of what is being created.

Rose State College will serve as the facilitator of the program. Rose State College is the only college chosen in the nation to partner with the MyMachine program and offer the educational concept. It is a collaboration that took shape with the help of Creative Oklahoma.

 “Creativity needs to be the cornerstone of all original thinking and what we are doing at Rose State with this program, is fostering that kind of thought process,” stated Dr. Jeanie Webb, President of Rose State College. “We are building on creativity not just in the college classroom but the classrooms of the next generation.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Rose State to take our kid’s thinking to a level where using your imagination is a great thing and sharing that one-size education does not fit everyone,” said Dr. Pam Deering, Superintendent of Mid-Del Schools.

The 9-month program launches at Soldier Creek Elementary in the fall of 2015. Students will be able to see a live, working “dream machine” the following spring.

Rose State is also working with John Rex Charter Elementary School in Oklahoma City to deliver the MyMachine program this fall.

About Rose State College:
Rose State College is a community college offering more than 60 degree and skilled-occupational programs conveniently located seven minutes from downtown Oklahoma City. www.rose.edu

About Mid-Del Public Schools:
The mission of Mid-Del schools is when the young people enter the schools, they will be safe. When they enter the classrooms, they will be challenged. When they leave the schools, they will be ready.

About Creative Oklahoma, Inc.:
Creative Oklahoma is a statewide non-profit organization advancing Oklahoma’s creative economy through creativity and innovation based initiatives in education, commerce and culture. www.stateofcreativity.com

About MyMachine:
MyMachineGlobal has a vision that one day all children and young people will have the opportunity to participate at school and university in a unique ecology of talent, span over all educational levels, where creativity is the driving force for materializing their own new unexplored ideas. www.MyMachineglobal.org