Finishing Touches are Made for Apartments to Open in August Published July 6, 2015 by Ali Sexton

Regents and President Tour Student Housing

President Jeanie Webb, the Rose State Board of Regents, and key members of the construction and design firms tour the nearly completed two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments.

Midwest City, Okla. – Bricks and wiring litter the walkways as crews put the finishing touches on the Village@Rose State which is nearing completion.  It’s a historic time for the urban community college which is just 7 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City  – a history that would not have been possible without the vision of President Jeanie Webb.

Rose State is the first urban community college in the state to build apartments on campus for students. Those living on campus will have an experience unlike any other who has graduated before them.  They can wake up later and make the three minute walk to their 8 o’clock class or make a late-night food run with their friend down the hall on a study break.

Tommy Klepper, Director for Student Housing and Conduct said, “The Village@Rose State is a student driven initiative that was heard and acted upon by our President and made a reality by our Board of Regents. It will bring to our institution the complete college experience that our students have envisioned and requested…and will give them the ability to further develop our dynamic campus life”

The on-campus apartments bring a renewed sense of community to the campus as well as invigorate the surrounding businesses who will no doubt see increased traffic from the 180 students who will make Rose State home. The Village@Rose State will be open for public tours July 17th,  24th, and 31st.

More information regarding the on-campus apartments, including pricing, can be found at