Rose State Raiders Sign Four New Players for the 2016-17 Soccer Season Published January 4, 2016 by Ali Sexton

The excitement in the air could be felt as four new Lady Raiders signed on to play for Rose State College during 2016-2017 soccer season. 

The signees included:

Nicola de Angeli – Putnam City North High School

Nicola de Angeli, parents, and Coach

Karlee Johnston – Edmond North High School

Karlee Johnston, parents and coach

Chandler Bradley – Deer Creek High School

Chandler Bradley and her family

Jordyn Thomas – Edmond Santa Fe High School

Jordan Thomas, family, and coach

Nicola de Angeli arrived with her family, saying she was “excited and ready to take on her next big thing.”  Nicola is unsure what her major will be but she is sure that Rose State is the right place for her.  She hopes to, “Create friendships, develop her soccer skills and earn her first degree” while attending the Midwest City college. Her mom, Melody de Angeli-Wilson said, “Nicola will be living on campus. I’m very excited for her great opportunity and as a parent, it’s rewarding to see my child becoming more independent with this move to college.”

Karlee Johnston plans to major in nursing while at Rose State College and hopes to become more well-rounded as an individual and as a player while she earns her first degree. She hopes for further player development to go on to play at the next level and earn a bachelor’s degree as well. Her dad, Perry Johnston said, “I feel good about Karlee’s decision. I always wanted her to play in college and Rose State is a great choice.”

All four players will begin practicing with the team this summer in preparation for the upcoming season.