Rose State Wellness Class ‘Drops It Low’ To Get Fit Published February 15, 2016

Wellness Class

Midwest City, Okla. – Twice weekly, a group of co-workers gather for an hour of fun, laughter and sweat as they dance their way to fitness with instructor Emily Fisher.  Fisher teaches the newest fitness sensation – Club Fitz.  It’s an hour long class filled with hip hop style dancing to the newest music.  Created by Edmond residents Lauren Fitzgerald and Kelsi Comer, Club Fitz is about teaching people to love themselves through dance. Most of the choreography is hip hop-Lauren’s specialty and Latin-Kelsi’s love.  When Fisher teaches the class at Rose State, she carries a contagious energy that would pump up even the most hesitant of participants. 

Donna Harper was searching for a fun class that would give her a great workout when Fisher began teaching the Hip Hop class at Rose State in August 2015.  Harper, along with a group of her co-workers registered for the course and have now become regulars in the class. She takes the class for her overall wellness but it also serves as a way to relieve stress during the day.  Harper is able to let her hair down and says if she does something goofy during class, she is able to “crack up laughing at herself.” She says, “It helps me personally to take this class during the week. It breaks the monotony for me and I come back to work energized.”

You can view a sample of the class prior to enrolling – all the dances are available on the Club Fitz YouTube channel:  If you look closely, you can spot Rose State instructor Emily Fisher. She is typically in the second row, dead center. When you see how much fun the dances are, you’ll want to sign up by calling 405.733.7351 and selecting the Hip Hop class (Mondays and Wednesdays Noon-1:00 p.m.).

Enrollment in all wellness classes are available to community members for an average of $65 per 16 week class. Offerings include a variety of classes in the day and evening such as Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training, Chair Aerobics, Boot Camp, Aqua Dance and more. View the full schedule at

an average of $65 per 16 week class.