Oklahoma Lt. Governor Lamb Shares Purpose, Plan & Passion at Rose State Published November 8, 2016

Todd Lamb with Leadership Students

“I want to make Oklahoma better than Texas at something other than football,” stated Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb to a crowd of a one-hundred Rose State leadership students on Tuesday, November 1st. For the third year, Lamb has graciously taken the stage to share his thoughts on politics, passion and leadership for the state with a future generation of leaders. 

Lamb shared his thoughts on what it takes to be a leader, “If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing why would anyone follow you,” Lamb told the students. 

During the hour long session Lamb spoke of being disappointed with the current legislative regime. He opened the floor to at least a dozen questions and one of those inquiries asked if he planned to run for Governor. “It’s not something in the back of my mind, it’s in the front,” the Lieutenant Governor told the students. “It has been an honor to serve you… I’ve been frustrated that my business card lists ‘Lieutenant’ because there are some things I’d like to do.” 

Lamb was elected to the Lt. Governor position in 2010 and has served two-terms. Before that he served in in the Oklahoma State Senate and became the first Republican Majority Floor Leader in state history in 2009.