Rose State’s Davenport Named Teacher of the Year Published November 17, 2016

James Davenport

Professor James Davenport, Political Science Professor at Rose State College, has been named “Teacher of the Year” by the Oklahoma Political Science Association (OPSA). 

The award honors current instructional faculty of any institution of higher education in Oklahoma who display exemplary skills in teaching political science classes. Professor Davenport was nominated by Dr. Juanita Ortiz - Dean of Social Sciences, Professor Guy Crain – Philosophy, and Professor James Hochtritt – History. 

According to Dr. Ortiz, it’s Davenport’s extracurricular support of student learning that truly sets him apart.  “While only 12.5 office hours are required, it is rare not to find Professor Davenport in his office and on campus across all seven days of the week.” 

Professor Hochtritt praised Davenport’s rapport with faculty and students alike. “The dedication and devotion he bring to his teaching and to the college are reflected in the high praise bestowed upon him by both his students and colleagues” 

“He manages student participation very well. His classes are full of students eager to comment and participate,” according to Professor Guy Crain who has co-taught courses with Davenport. 

His engagement with students goes beyond the classroom.  Davenport applied for and was awarded a National Institute for Humane Studies grant that has allowed him to coordinate a series of panel discussions focusing on areas of interest in Political Science ranging from America’s Love/Hate Relationship with Liberty to the Presidential Primaries in Oklahoma.  Each panel brings in a new group of students and community to learn from experts in their field and expose those in attendance to new ideas and concepts in the realm of Political Science.  He also serves as an “Adopt-A-Prof” with the on-campus housing at Rose State which allows him to spend extra time getting to know students outside the classroom. 

Davenport was surprised to be honored with the award when he attended the OPSA annual conference.  He said, “It’s a wonderful thing to be recognized by your peers for the work that you do. There are a lot of great professors around the state so to be nominated and then selected is a very high honor.”