A Magical Learning Experience: Disney Institute at Rose State Published April 4, 2017

Disney Epcot Center on a blue sky

You don’t have to make the trip to Florida or California to experience part of the Disney Magic. With the Disney Institute offered annually through Rose State, local professionals and business owners can learn from one of the world’s most successful companies, right here in Oklahoma City.

Rose State College provides educational opportunities for thousands of working professionals each year through the courses and trainings offered through the school’s Professional Training Center. One of these opportunities includes an annual Disney Institute training session, in which the Training Center brings Disney to Oklahoma City to allow businesses to learn from the company’s best creative and organizational strategies.

With more than 90 years of world-renowned customer service and innovation, Disney has a wealth of knowledge to offer other organizations and businesses. Dr. Bret Wood, dean of Workforce Development at Rose State College, spoke about the Disney Institute trainings offered in OKC.

What is the Disney Institute?

For more than two decades, The Walt Disney Company has been sharing their business insights and proven secrets of success through consulting services and professional development courses. Both the consulting and educational services are offered through a subsidiary of Disney called Disney Institute.

“There are four different offerings to choose from that Disney will provide,” said Dr. Wood. “We get to choose one of the four to offer.” 

Disney Institute’s 2017 courses include Leadership Excellence, Employee Engagement, Business Excellence, and Quality Service. This year, Rose State has chosen to bring the Quality Service training to Oklahoma City.

Rose State Brings Disney Institute Trainings to Oklahoma City

Participants typically attend Disney Institute courses at either Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida or Disneyland® Resort in California, but a limited number of courses throughout the year are hosted by sponsors in other locations throughout North America. Rose State is one of those sponsors and is proud to offer one of ten Disney Institute trainings taking place outside of the Disney resorts in 2017.  

After attending a Disney Institute training in Florida, “our Vice President Mr. Stan Greil really wanted to bring them to campus,” said Dr. Wood. “He is the one who got everything started and offered that first session on campus.  We wanted to be seen as a premier provider of offering customer service in the metro area.”

Rose State has hosted the Disney Institute locally four other times, moving from a fall offering to a spring offering to allow more participants to attend.

Participants take notes at Rose State’s 2016 Disney Institute training on Creativity & Innovation

Participants take notes at Rose State’s 2016 Disney Institute training on Creativity & Innovation

Who Can Benefit from Disney Institute Trainings?

Companies and organizational teams across a wide variety of industries attend Disney Institute trainings each year. From health care organizations and auto companies to hospitality businesses and universities, Disney Institute trainings offer insights that apply to any firm, and the collaborative training approach ensures that each participant leaves with information they can apply to their specific position.

The Disney Institute trainings offered by Rose State are open to businesses across Oklahoma and the region. The Quality Service training offered this spring will examine Disney’s approach to customer service. “Obviously we believe that this type of training will benefit everyone, simply because we all deal with people every day, but we specifically focus our marketing to businesses in a variety of areas including health care, finance, retail, real estate, tourism, (and) transportation,” said Dr. Wood.

Join us for the 2017 Disney Institute at Rose State College

Interested in an opportunity for your organization to learn from one of the best in the world, right here in Oklahoma City? Join us in April for Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, a Disney Institute training brought to you by the RSC@OKC Innovation Station and Rose State’s Professional Training Center.

This course will look at the strategies The Walt Disney Companies and its employees use to foster a reputation for world-class service. Participants will learn to approach customer service differently and think about customer relationships in a new way to achieve better results for their company and the people they serve.

Learn how to better understand your customers’ needs, how to weave outstanding and consistent customer service into your company’s culture, and how to turn missed opportunities into strengthened customer relationships.

This year’s Oklahoma City event will take place at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel on April 5, 2017, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Visit Rose State’s Disney Institute page for more information and to register.