Rose State College President to Work on Higher Learning Commission Strategic Advisement Group Published May 19, 2017

Rose State College President, Dr. Jeanie Webb

Rose State College’s President, Dr. Jeanie Webb, has accepted an invitation to participate in a select higher education group that will advise the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the nation’s largest regional accrediting agency.

“This is a gracious opportunity to be at the table as stakeholders interested in education work toward the future of our Institutions,” stated Dr. Webb. Webb is one of 20 individuals asked to participate in the group.

Innovation is a major principle of the HLC Strategic Plan for 2020. Rose State’s President, Dr. Jeanie Webb has been at the forefront of innovation at the community college level. Webb started the Leadership Program for students at Rose State in 2001 and introduced on-campus housing. She expanded the student experience at a two-year college with more resources and programs in addition to expanding the college footprint to offer educational and leadership building opportunities in the downtown Oklahoma City business district.

HLC represents nearly 1,000 colleges and universities in 19 states. The new group named “Partners for Transformation” will come from higher education, healthcare and business. Along with input from Congressional members, the U.S. Department of Education and government leaders within the 19-state region.