What's New at the Learning Resources Center? Published September 22, 2017 by Daniel Beck

Exterior view of the new LRC
What’s New at the Learning Resource Center

With the many pressures that college students face, the one thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is finding a quiet place to study on campus. Having an ideal environment to study and focus on class work can make all the difference in your college career. Rose State’s newly renovated Learning Resource Center (LRC) was designed and created with students in mind. At the new LRC, Rose State students have a safe, comfortable, and quiet place to relax, study, and learn.

The Library of the Future

Whether you’re looking to check out a book, use a computer to complete an assignment, reserve a group study room to collaborate with your classmates, or grab a hot cup of joe, the LRC brings together everything you’ll need to succeed during your time at Rose State.

“It’s the library of the future,” Rose State President Jeanie Webb says. “The new LRC offers tutoring, computers, and many common spaces and individual study rooms. It’s open and great for collaboration. The community can also access the library and computer center, making it a great addition to not only the Rose State campus, but the Midwest City community.”

The 52,000 square-foot facility now houses the library and computer lab all on the first floor, allowing students to easily access reading materials, textbooks, and receive assistance from the library staff, should they have any questions or concerns. The new computer lab has more than 200 computers for students and community members to access throughout the day.

“The library is all on one floor so we can provide better services,” Rose State Librarian Deb Willis says. “We have more computer access and new compact shelving. The shelves move and expand and contract so that we can fit more books in a smaller space. We have also increased the number of digital resources that we’re able to provide.”
The first floor is also home to brand new individual and group study rooms that can be reserved online up to three weeks in advance.

“I really like the study rooms,” Rose State student Andrea Landers says. “It’s nice to be able to gather in one spot.”

Keith Johnson, another student at Rose State, also loves the group study rooms. He shares that he and his friends regularly study together and love how they can better collaborate. They also appreciate how they can actually discuss what they are learning and have their own white board to write on and take notes without having to interrupt other people studying. “It’s better than having to whisper!” Johnson says.

Interior view of The Underground Cafe in the LRC
A Quiet Place to Study

Rose State students asked for more study space, and the Learning Resource Center delivered. Students can find open study spaces scattered around the building, perfect for kicking your feet up and knocking out some assignments or exam prep.

“Students actually want to go inside, and it’s inviting,” Webb says. “There have definitely been more people coming in.”

Even if you’re not in the mood to study, the LRC is a great place to relax with friends or just chill in between classes, while being respectful of those studying, of course.

“All the areas you can sit down and study are really nice. It’s quiet and separated from everything else,” says a Rose state student. “You can just come here anytime to study and get away, and it’s really nice.”

Marina Betancourt, another Rose State student, enjoys heading to the back to hunker down and study. She also likes how the area encourages her to study and that it’s less tempting to play games and get distracted since it’s a place to learn.

Everything You Need in One Place

The Learning Resource Center is more than just a library. The new facility also accommodates staff and community conference rooms, the Student Access Services (formerly Disability Services) office, the Academic Testing Center, the Academic Innovation center, the STEM Lab, the Tutoring Center, and the Academic Outreach office, as well as a special events area and multipurpose rooms.

Located on the first floor of the LRC, the Student Access Services office is available to help students and faculty in arranging accommodations for those with special needs when it comes to accessing campus and succeeding in the classroom. Whether you’re inquiring about disability parking or special accommodations in the classroom, the Student Access Service’s staff is ready to help.

Need to take a makeup exam? Make your way upstairs to the Academic Testing Center, where they offer proctoring services for tests ranging from make-up exams to computer proficiency tests. Also upstairs, the Academic Innovation Center is home to the Brightspace (by D2L) helpdesk. The Academic Innovation staff also provides design and technological support for Rose State faculty members wishing to implement on-campus and online blended courses.

If you need a little extra help understanding the topics you’ve been learning in the classroom, you’re in luck, because the Tutoring Center at the LRC provides free tutoring services to all Rose State students! Just make sure to make your appointment online before heading over.

The renovated LRC can now also double as an event venue and provides a space for staff or community members to host conferences or meetings.

“It’s not a traditional library,” Webb says. “It’s helpful for networking and can be used as a reception space.”

Two workers at the front counter of The Underground Cafe
The Underground

New to the Rose State campus and the LRC is The Underground Coffee shop. The local coffee shop has two other locations in the Midwest City area, making their new café at Rose State their trifecta. Students can stop by The Underground to grab their favorite caffeine pick-me-up from their selection of coffee drinks, or snag a muffin or sandwich to enjoy while studying.

“Several of our employees are students at Rose State, and we were told that there was a student council lobbying to get us on campus,” says Jacob Hussain, co-owner of The Underground Coffee. “We’re really excited to be a part of campus.”

The Underground Coffee has plenty of seating both indoors and outside the LRC for students and staff wishing to grab a quick snack while on campus. Because it’s connected to the library, students have prime access to everything they’ll need to curb their study time cravings.

Visit the Learning Resources Center

The new Learning Resource Center is a wonderful addition to Campus and offers endless opportunities for students and staff to come together to collaborate and pave the way for the future of Rose State.

“I’m really excited to see the change from what Rose State was before,” says a Learning Resource Center staff member. “We are definitely being very innovative in everything that we’re doing. I’m very excited for Rose overall.”

“They make sure you get involved in college, because that way you can stay focused and meet new people,” says a Rose State student. “[The LRC] is pretty peaceful, you get to focus more on your work, there’s a lot of room and a lot of places to sit.”

The Learning Resource Center is open to Rose States students, faculty, and staff, as well as the public, from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays, and 1 pm. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. The LRC is closed on Saturdays. Check out the hours of operation for all of the individual offices located inside the LRC here.

Have questions? Contact the LRC at (405) 733-7370 or the Library Reference Desk at (405) 733-7543.