College Campus Safety: 7 Tips Every Student Should Know Published October 2, 2017

Imagine finding yourself alone at a party with no friends nearby or leaving your backpack in what was deemed a secure place. A normal, seemingly safe situation can quickly turn into something harmful if you don’t take proper precautions.

College is an exciting time to explore and learn more about yourself; it’s not a time to stay cooped up in your room. That said, you should always make your own safety a priority.

“I think the most important thing is that students remember to make the decision to be safe and not to put themselves in bad situations,” Anita Poole-Endsley - safety, security, and risk management coordinator at Rose State, said. “They should pay attention to where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing at all times.”

Safety on Rose State Campus and Available Resources

Keeping students safe is a priority for Rose State College and our efforts have proven successful. “We just completed our federally required crime stats report and the stats reported are minimal compared to many other colleges the same size,” Poole-Endsley said.

Rose State College offers plenty of resources to keep students safe on and around campus. The Raider Text Alert System allows students to sign up to receive alerts from authorized Rose State officials. The alerts contain information and instructions if anything needs to be brought to students’ attention. Visitors can similarly opt-in to receive campus alerts from the Raider Alert system by texting “rscalert” to 226787.

Rose State College has taken many measures to promote safety. “We have gone to great expense to have lighting around common areas where students are in the evenings,” Poole-Endsley said. “There are also phone boxes strategically placed that go directly to the security office.” If a student feels threatened while out walking for any reason, they can quickly identify a big blue light on a nearby phone box and can call security.
Rose State Phone Box

Consider these tips and be proactive while on campus!

Social Media Use

Tip #1

Don't overshare on social media. Tagging yourself at locations and broadcasting that you are out and about lets everyone know you are vulnerable and that your house or apartment is empty.

Use Caution at Night

Tip #2

Be more aware of your surroundings at night and use caution if you feel uneasy about walking alone. You can always call campus security for an escort.

Think Before Acting

Tip #3

Never put yourself in a dangerous situation and think before you act. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, trust your instincts and seek safety.

Tips for going out with friends:

Don't stay at a party if your friends leave. You should always have someone there you trust.
Always consider where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. 
Avoid becoming inebriated and losing control.
Always have emergency contacts on your phone that you can call if you are in an unsafe location. 

Survey Surroundings

Tip #4

Always park in well-lit places, don't distract yourself with headphones when walking alone, and keep valuables where you can see them at all times. 

Be Weather-Ready

Tip #5

Take local weather warnings seriously. Tornadoes, hail, flooding, and more can happen quickly, so stay weather-aware.

Drive Safely

Tip #6

Always stay alert when you are driving your vehicle. Put away any distractions, like your cell phone, and focus on the road.

Use Resources

Tip #7

Colleges have many different resources you can use to protect yourself. Get familiar with security officers, opt-in to alert systems, and stay safe.    

Rose State Campus Security

Rose State offers students security 24/7 and encourages safety from the very beginning of their experience on campus. At freshman orientation, students are advised to enter the security office phone number into their phones on the spot so they can have it at all times, should they need it. 

Campus security is provided by contract officers and the Midwest City Police Department. They are on duty 24/7 and are responsible for ensuring the daily security of campus facilities and grounds. They provide parking and traffic control, building access, continuous monitoring of the campus closed circuit security camera system, and special security requests, such as security escorts.

“We have an excellent relationship with Midwest City officers who patrol campus all day,” Poole-Endsley said.

“We want students to feel like they can come speak with us—we are human beings,” Captain Hunter, Rose State Security Site Supervisor, laughed. He went on to say that the officers are all good people and want to be a resource for students.

Students can always call the security office to have an officer escort them to their car if they ever feel unsafe going to and from the parking lots. “Our response time is practically immediate, because we have people here on campus,” Poole-Endsley said.

While you should always stay alert, the evening can prove to be more dangerous. “I can’t stress taking extra precaution at night enough,” said Captain Hunter. “We offer escorts 24/7, even if people are leaving at 3 a.m. We have an officer housed there every night and are happy to walk you to your car.”

Safety Tips for Students

Rose State College has taken many measures to make sure the campus is as safe as possible; however, it’s still a smart idea to be proactive in your own safety. 

“Students are the most important part of Rose State, if anyone has questions about safety measures, they can call my office at (405) 736-0213,” Poole-Endsley said.

Learn more about Rose State College and how they prioritize students’ safety.