Returning to School as an Adult Student Published December 8, 2017

returning to school as an adult studentLife has many plot twists that aren’t always part of your plan. When you hit that fork in the road, you may need people to help push you forward and keep you moving down the road to success. Rose State College is here to help, even when life isn’t going the way you had originally envisioned. 

Whether you’re seeking a degree to increase your chances of getting hired, or you’re hoping to increase your salary or advance your career, Rose State can help you achieve your end goal. 

Things to Consider Before Going Back to School

Many questions come to mind when adult students consider going back to school. Questions like, “Will it be worth it?” and “Will I succeed?” are common and normal. Before you make a final decision, make sure you are fully committed so you don’t waste resources pursuing something you won’t see to fruition. 

Review your finances before enrolling. While Rose State is one of the most affordable options in the Oklahoma City metro area, you should still know how it will affect your budget and day-to-day living. 

Contemplate how your life would be if you didn’t seek further education. Visualizing a clear picture of what that would look like, and how you’d feel, can be a helpful indicator of whether going back to college is right for you. 

Unplanned Changes in Life

When your life runs off course, you must remember to keep going. “I had to start somewhere,” Kacey White, a current Rose State student, says.

As White was facing a divorce, she saw the need to continue her education so she could support herself and her children. White had been a stay-at-home mom for more than 13 years. Prior to that, she was a certified cosmetologist. She had her first child at a young age and once she had her second, she decided it would be best to stay at home with her kids.   

While White had planned to go back to school once her kids were in school full-time, it didn’t end up happening, until now. “I was starting life over, and I didn’t have a career to go back to,” she says. 

Why Rose State College Was the Best Option

When determining where to go back to school, you should consider where you will most likely succeed. Do you work harder when surrounded by many people or do you prefer smaller groups? Do you like new experiences? Would you prefer a campus near home, or far away? 

For some, the anxiety of going back to school at an older age can make seemingly simple decisions and tasks more of a challenge. White was nervous to go back to school and be surrounded by people. “I have a lot of social anxiety and didn’t want to go to a big school,” White says. “Rose was small and the classes were small.” 

In the beginning, White started by taking two classes at a time, which was better for her mental health. “I did really well!” she says. “It was a big step for me because I literally didn’t ever leave my house. It was really stepping out of my comfort zone to go anywhere and be a part of anything.”

White also liked to have feedback from people she trusted and was close to when making her decision. Both White’s sister and daughter went to Rose State and had wonderful experiences to share. 

kacey white and daughter“My daughter introduced me to her advisor and then I ended up getting a scholarship with Tinker Federal Credit Union,” White says. White laughed, joking that it’s every kid’s dream to have their mom go to college with them. However, she says that it was a great experience to share with her daughter and that that they’ve gotten even closer as a result. 

Rose State Benefits

Rose State provides many benefits for adults looking to go back to school and get a degree. From attentive professors and advisors who are always ready to help, to smaller class sizes that make it easier to absorb what you’re learning, Rose State has everything you need to be successful when returning to school. rose state professors

Helpful Professors

White was going through a lot of things while going back to school. She had court dates and many other emotional hurdles to overcome when going through her divorce. “I never had a bad professor,” White says. “I’ve had harder classes, but they are all wonderful; they really go out of their way to help.” 

At Rose State, our goal is to go beyond simply providing you with an education. Our professors are here to provide guidance and the help you need, no matter where you’re at in life. Many Rose State professors bring real-world experience into the classroom and are prepared to share their wealth of knowledge and equip you with the skills you need to accomplish your goals. classroom

Small Class Size

The small class sizes at Rose State allow for more one-on-one time with teachers—the average class size is only 20 students. This can really help students who might require more support or help from a professor or need a little extra explanation to fully grasp a concept. Smaller class sizes also facilitate a more relaxed classroom environment that contributes to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere Rose State’s students enjoy. 

Range of Majors

Rose State College has more than 60 associate degree programs to choose from. The diversity of programs makes Rose a perfect destination for all sorts of students with ranging interests. Whether you’re hoping to learn more about a subject that interests you or brush up on your skills for a specific occupation, you’ll be able to find a degree program that fits your needs. Many of Rose State’s programs can also help you prepare to complete a bachelor’s degree in the future. 

Advice for Non-Traditional Students: Get Involved

White has loved the opportunity Rose State provided her to meet other people similar to her at Rose State. By forming connections with other non-traditional students, they’re able to support one another through both challenging courses and life in general. 

“Getting involved was super important because I met other women who were in my same situation and going through the same things,” White says. “It’s a huge support system. We call each other and encourage each other all the time. Being a part of that has made me more comfortable being around people.” 

Getting involved not only provided White support, but also showed her other opportunities available through Rose State. “I met many people and it opened up a lot of doors and opportunities to give back in a way I couldn’t have on my own,” White says. “We served the Tinker community around Christmas time, planted trees, and more.” 

Visualizing Your End Goal

In the beginning, White was extremely nervous to go back to school, but continued to push herself toward her end goal. “I just didn’t really miss a beat, and did what I had to do,” White says. “I knew there was an end goal and I wanted to do the best I could. I was told I’d never make it, and that was the determining factor. I was determined to get my degree, no matter what.” 

“I have a 4.0 now and am a really good student,” White says. “I always wanted to go to college. It is an accomplishment that I needed for myself.”  

Are you thinking of going back to school? We’d love to help you achieve your end goal. Contact us today.