Rose State College brings Disney magic to Oklahoma business Published March 12, 2018 by Michaela Marx Wheatley

A disney institute instructor lecturing on quality serviceDisney magic is not created by fairy dust. It is architected through time-tested systems and processes, and Oklahomans will have the chance to absorb these techniques and implement them in their own businesses this spring.

Rose State College is offering an opportunity to learn from the Disney service minds, when Rose State College presents the 2018 Disney Institute: Disney’s Approach to Quality Service on April 26.

“The biggest thing for me was discovering anyone can be creative,” said Richard Harris of Kona Ice, the company keeping the metro area cool with shaved ice at events and parties.

“More importantly, anyone can learn the techniques and processes to improve our creativity. So, it's changed my attitude and thinking that only ‘gifted’ people are the source of new ideas,” he added.

Excellent service does not simply come from a friendly transaction or helpful technology—it is the result of understanding the customer’s expectations and putting the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them.

“Making organizations better does not happen by chance. It’s an intentional, purposeful, and continuous process; and Disney is highly regarded for providing an exceptional customer experience,” said Misty Engelbrecht, director of the RSC@OKC Innovation Station.

When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place and processes by putting the customer at its core, exceptional service becomes possible across customer touch points. This creates greater intent to return and recommend, as well as a stronger competitive edge.

Disney Institute programs are delivered by former or current cast members - Disney speak for employees - and leaders who share their experiences and insight, making them a unique, interactive, and fun experience,” she added.

This is the sixth time Rose State College has brought the Disney Institute to Oklahoma.

“We have great participant reviews, indicating the value these programs bring to our communities, so we will continue to bring programs like Disney and others to add value to the communities,” Engelbrecht said.

In this course, participants will examine time-tested Disney strategies that help create world-class service.

They will learn principles such as determining how businesses can differentiate their service to become a provider of choice; design quality service standards to create a consistent service experience and use tools to gauge the needs, wants, stereotypes and emotions of their customers at an individual level.

It will also help participants understand the processes necessary to develop a culture that consistently delivers exceptional service, and recover effectively from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

This course is applicable to all industries and employees at all levels within an organization. 

“Anyone who interacts with others will benefit from the principles presented in this course – there is always room for improvement” Engelbrecht said.

Customer service is a vital factor in any industry from Fortune 500 to ensuring that one of Oklahoma City’s most beloved family attractions remains a favorite.

Barry Downer, deputy director of the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, went through the training with several colleagues.

“I would have to say that the biggest take away for me was that diversity in the work place creates a much more productive and inspiring environment,” Downer said. “As for an action item, I would say that allowing free thinking in a typically controlled setting is not only beneficial for morale but for individual growth. I have come away with a better understanding of team building and why focusing on others’ strengths is such an important tool for self-improvement.”

A group of individuals learning how Disney implements quality customer serviceMolly Goldsworthy, assistant Head of School at John Rex Charter Elementary School in Oklahoma City, has also taken the course – one of many national trainings in her career.

“The Disney Institute offered a lens for relevant organizational management that I have never seen in the field of education,” she said. “The (Disney Institute) Circle of Excellence presents a systematic approach to developing and successfully sustaining your brand, in our case, our school's mission and vision.”

Disney Institute structure process credits the people involved - not only values ideas put forth by its people but also fosters innovative thinking which in turn results in creative productivity. 

“As a school administrator, this training really connected the dots and improved the path we seek for success for our brand.  Each staff member, student and parent, as well as the board and community, plays a vital role in keeping the innovation alive and creative productivity successful.  Fostering motivation and creativity are new goals in leading our school.”

With a common purpose and quality standards, employees at the front line are empowered to perform because they are equipped with the right tools and clear service expectations. When team members’ behaviors are reinforced through positive feedback, they feel valued and appreciated and will make sure their customers do as well.

With more than 90 years of world-renowned customer service, no one understands this better than Disney.