Alumna and Faculty Member Admitted into Rose State College Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Published April 24, 2018

Rose State Professor Chris KnoxThe opportunities found at Rose State College extend beyond graduation. For many, the Rose State journey doesn’t end when they step off the stage at graduation, diploma in hand. Oftentimes, that moment is just a stepping stone in the many opportunities to come. This was the case for Rose State College Alumni Hall of Fame inductee Chris Knox, who was inducted in to the Rose State College Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame on Monday, April 23.

Rose State is a large part of Knox’s life. Her parents were Rose State professors—her father was one of the first English professors in the department. When it was time for Knox to select a college, she chose to attend Rose State and pursue an associate degree in liberal arts. Then, she began teaching as an adjunct professor in 2003, but that wasn’t the end of her Rose State journey. In 2009, her perseverance and love of teaching launched her into becoming the full-time coordinator of the Rose State Reading Program.

As Reading Coordinator and professor, Knox works closely with other professors and students to enhance learning and reading opportunities for students. The program serves to improve teaching methodologies to better serve these students.

“I believe that skillful reading and excellent comprehension are the most important skills for a student to possess in order to perform optimally in college,” Knox says. “Without the ability to read well, the student’s chances for graduation can be virtually impossible.”

She also serves as the director of the Community Learning in Critical Knowledge (CLICK) group and started the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Rose.

“CLICK and ESL afford me the opportunity to work one-on-one with our Rose State students and members of the community,” Knox says. “I establish a close rapport with—and grow to know—them as individuals, which helps me continue to be an effective mentor and tutor. Our outstanding interdisciplinary instructors are also excellent tutors and mentors who give the program a solid foundation from which students can increase their confidence and ensure their potential for a positive college experience.”

In 2015, Knox received the Oklahoma Associate for Developmental Education “Developmental Educator of the Year” award. She was chosen among teachers who go above and beyond their job descriptions to further the success of at-risk college students—a trait Knox is known for in the academic community.

Knox’s extensive resumé, involvement, and dedication to the Rose State programs and community made her a qualified candidate for the Rose State College Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.

Each year, community members nominate fellow alumni to be honored in the Hall of Fame. Nominees must excel in one of the following areas:

  • Professional – Recognized for professional accomplishments and leadership in their field
  • Community – Service, leadership, dedication, contribution of time, and enthusiasm toward improving the quality of life in their community
  • Collegiate Support – True devotion to Rose State College as demonstrated through substantial contribution of time and resources.

While Knox has exceled in aspects of all three categories, she was initially nominated for her collegiate support.

“I love my job,” Knox says. “It has been my privilege to work closely with administrators, faculty, and staff in many of our divisions. I find that the common thread which weaves together the fabric of Rose State employees is in our sincere devotion to strive for a quality learning environment. Students and professionals work together creating a community in which all are provided an opportunity to better their chances for productive and meaningful lives. I enjoy teaching classes of all levels and love coming to work with the knowledge that I am making a positive contribution to others’ lives.”

Knox joins many distinguished alumni in the Hall of Fame. Previous inductees include Major Brian Putnam, Carolyn Stager, Ron Gregory, Tim Holt, Danny Cahill, Bobby Stem, Judge Allen Welch, Brandon Long, Chris Tytanic, David Lloyd, Colleen Payne-Nabors, and Russell Smith.

“This honor brings an opportunity to remember my parents and their strong influence on my life, which has culminated in joining the Alumni Hall of Fame,” Knox says. “I am fortunate to work with colleagues and administrators who create a positive environment in which we are empowered to fulfill the promise of our potential.”

Do you know a Rose State alum who fits the bill for a Hall of Fame nomination? Nomination forms are open for 2019 inductees. If you’re an alum looking to get involved, the Rose State Alumni Association meets on the second Monday of each month.