Scholarship Opportunities Available to Rose State Students Published February 25, 2019

rose state college students sitting outsideUnlike student loans, which have to be repaid, scholarships are gifts of money awarded to students for merit-based reasons. Some of the requirements for scholarships include fitting into a certain demographic, exceptional grades, athletics, volunteer work, and more. 

Rose State College believes that financial support is important to student success. This is why three-quarters of our full-time students receive financial assistance in some shape or form, whether it’s through scholarships or financial aid. 

Rose State Raiders are eligible to receive many different types of scholarships during their time on campus. Some scholarships are program-specific, while others are awarded to students demonstrating exceptional leadership promise. 

The 2019 scholarship application opened January 1, so se broke down some of the different types of scholarships available to Rose State students and provided some information on how to apply. 

Scholarships Available to Rose State Students

According to Cindy Mikeman, Executive Director for Foundation and Resource Development, the Rose State College Foundation has approved 153 scholarships amounting to $255,390 for the 2019-20 year. 

“The Rose State College Foundation provides thousands of dollars each semester to students, and it’s financial support from the community that leads to success for our students,” Mikeman says. “We are grateful to the donors for the support they provide, allowing the Foundation to increase the amount of money available for scholarships each year.” 

Ticket to Rose Program

The Ticket to Rose program benefits students who live in, or will graduate from the Choctaw, Del City, Midwest City, and Star Spencer school districts. Students who receive Ticket to Rose funding will participate in community service programs as a way to give back to the surrounding communities. 

Leadership Scholarships

Rose State’s Leadership Scholarships, with the initiative of Rose State President Jeanie Webb, offer one of the most prestigious President’s Leadership Class (PLC) scholarships in the state of Oklahoma. The leadership program is supported by numerous individuals in addition to Tinker Federal Credit Union, Advantage Bank, BancFirst, FNB Community Bank, and Sarkeys.  

“Rose State College believes a great college education includes excellent academic instruction, in addition to leadership development and culturally enriching experiences,” Mikeman says about the importance of offering Leadership Scholarships. “The President’s Leadership Class provides leadership development courses, leadership conferences, and culturally enriching experiences for 150 students. Each applicant is carefully screened and goes through an interview process.”   

To apply for Leadership Scholarships, students must complete the General Scholarship Application before the March 1 priority deadline. 

Division Specific Scholarships

External donors, organizations, and Rose State College faculty and staff financially support Division Specific Scholarships which are awarded to deserving students enrolled within each division. The divisions include Business and Information Technology Division, Engineering and Science Division, Health Science Division, Humanities Division, and Social Science Division with multiple scholarships available in each division. 

To qualify for these division scholarships, student must apply before the April 1 priority deadline. 

Tuition Waiver Scholarships

Tuition Waiver Scholarships only cover tuition; books and fees are not included. All recipients of tuition waivers must be residents of the State of Oklahoma. Priority deadline dates for tuition waiver scholarships vary depending on the semester for which you are applying. For the fall and spring semesters, the deadline is March 1. 

Military Dependent and Adult Civilian Scholarships

Military Dependent and Adult Civilian Scholarships at Rose State are designed to assist military dependents and employees. These scholarships are made possible by generous contributions from Tinker Federal Credit Union, the Military Officers Association, and the Tinker Leadership Development Association. The deadline to apply for military scholarships is April 1.

New Scholarships in 2019

Rose State offers a variety of scholarships, with several new opportunities made available in 2019. “The Rose State College Foundation Trustees and Board of Governors are individuals passionate about education,” Mikeman says. “Through their dedicated service, an additional nine scholarships were approved, so that each division will have 10 scholarships to offer students. I am very proud to say that the Foundation offers 153 scholarships for students in the leadership program and the various divisions on campus. An additional 20 to 25 scholarships are awarded to elementary students to attend Kids College each summer.”  

How to Apply for a Rose State Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship, Rose State students should first check the deadlines and application details listed for each particular scholarship. For detailed information on scholarships available to Rose State students as well as tips and tricks for landing scholarships, download our free Scholarship Guide

“All students applying for a scholarship or tuition waiver complete the same online application, which opens January 1, and the applications are held in the system for the entire year,” Mikeman says. “Those students applying for a leadership scholarship must have their application submitted by March 1, those students seeking a division scholarship must have their application submitted by April 1, and those students in the Health Science field must submit their application by July 15.”   

Mikeman says all students are encouraged to apply for a Foundation scholarship. “We provide equal opportunities for high school seniors, non-traditional, and homeschooled students. Our scholarships range is from basic tuition assistance to degree-specific funding. The online application is a convenient and easy way to benefit from financial support.” 

For more information on applying for a Rose State Scholarship, contact Tricia Lawson at or 405-733-7374. 

Want additional information on applying for college scholarships? Download our free scholarship guide. This free guide is great for both parents and students seeking to navigate the college scholarship application process.