Midwest City Named to MONEY’s ‘Best Places to Live 2019’ Published September 25, 2019

welcome to midwest city signA recent article by MONEY placed Midwest City on its 2019 list of “Best Places to Live.” On the list of 100 cities, towns, and neighborhoods, Midwest City landed at #95, between Shadyside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Blue Springs, Missouri. In total, MONEY evaluated 1,796 places for the 2019 list. 

To compile this list, MONEY looked at places with populations greater than 50,000 people. Areas of 300,000 or more were broken down by neighborhood, allowing MONEY to evaluate places ranging in population from 5,000 through 200,000 people. When evaluating an area, MONEY looked at a variety of factors. Topics like, if an area had more than double the national crime risk if the placed lacked ethnic diversity and the percentage of individuals below the state’s median household income we all taken into consideration. In total, MONEY collected nearly 160,000 different data points, including 80 separate types of data to evaluate, looking at factors like the Economy, Cost of Living, Diversity, Education, Housing, Health and Safety, Amenities and Ease of living. 

Rose State College was founded in 1970 by former Mid-Del School District Superintendent, Oscar Rose, and will soon be celebrating 50 years as a part of the Midwest City and Del City communities. Rose State College has committed the growth and success of Midwest City through education and workforce development, and partners with many businesses and government partners in the Midwest City area. Rose State also provides a unique scholarship opportunity for graduates of the Midwest City, Del City, Choctaw and Star Spencer high schools, Ticket to Rose. Ticket to Rose gives students from these high schools, and students whose primary residence lies within the districts of these schools, the opportunity to attend Rose State College without the cost of tuition and fees. 

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