Rose State Hosts First Collaborative Robotics Class Published November 1, 2019

Cobots at RoseRose State College’s Workforce Development hosted its first Collaborative Robotics class after over a year of planning and preparation. The class, a partnership with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, continues a commitment by Rose State College Workforce Development to train Oklahoma’s workforce. 

Collaborative Robotics, also known as Cobots, are robots designed to work alongside a worker in a manufacturing setting. Cobots are easier to program, quicker to implement, and provide a more flexible automation solution than traditional manufacturing robots. Collaborative Robots also contribute to the safety of workers since Cobots can easily be given the jobs that are dirty, dangerous, dull, or repetitive. 

“The capabilities of cobots are incredible,” said Tamara Pratt, V.P. of Rose State’s Workforce Development. “Cobots are a great option for companies looking to innovate and gives them the ability to enhance the productivity and safety of their workers. At Rose State, we want to provide the resources for local businesses to thrive, which in this case means helping to train on how to implement and operate these pieces of equipment successfully.” 

The class begins with a basic overview of Collaborative Robotics and their advantages and disadvantages before moving into more advanced topics, such as programming, logic, safety, and troubleshooting. Teaching the class is Tyler Helps of Spiers New Technologies, who developed the curriculum uniquely specific to Rose State College and its partners. 

“The future of cobots in Oklahoma looks very promising,” said Pratt. “We hope that with our training opportunities, cobot adoption by Oklahoma manufacturers will grow.” 

Collaborative Robotics is just one of the many training opportunities provided by Rose State College Workforce Development. Rose State College also provides training in additive manufacturing, unmanned aerial systems, and drones, environmental training, as well as corporate training and professional development. 

For more information on Rose State College Workforce Development’s training options, visit, or call 405.733.7488.