Rose State Establishes FLEX Courses to Ensure Continuous Access to Education Published April 21, 2020

Student with LaptopRose State College is rolling out Flex courses in fall of 2020 to ensure students can attain their academic goals no matter the situation.

The Flex option is a combination of delivery modalities. Classes will be set up with scheduled meeting times, room location and a professor. The difference in the plan comes when a student chooses how they want to take the course. Flex courses allows a student to meet face-to-face in the classroom, the same class can be taken solely online or in a combination of online and distance learning.

The Flex option ensures that if a student’s life changes their education plan does not have to.

“The Flex classes will have rich online content and can employ live and recorded video and video conferencing in delivering coursework – right now it’s all about meeting the students where they are in their educational journey,” stated Dr. Jeff Caldwell, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Rose State.

“This new model puts students in the driver’s seat with total flexibility by allowing the students to choose – in-person or on-line or a combination of both – which in turn, provides the opportunity for greater success in accomplishing their educational goals,” stated Dr. Jeanie Webb, President at Rose State.

Rose State’s Business and Information Technology Division and Humanities Division will pilot the Flex format option during the Summer Semester, and by Fall 2020, there will be a robust offering of classes available to students in the added format.