Rose State Professor Has New Book In Publication Published October 21, 2020

Dr. KhanRose State Professor Dr. Nyla Khan has a new book in publication titled: Educational Strategies for Youth Empowerment in Conflict Zones: Transforming, not Transmitting, Trauma (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming). Dr. Khan expects the book to be available for distribution early next year.

“As we learn to understand more and more about trauma and resilience, we grow by working through the challenges and give one another the gift of seeing strength in one another’s narrative. It is my sincere belief that such understanding is only possible through the right kind of education. It is this belief that has motivated me to develop and present educational strategies for the transformation, not transmission, of trauma in conflict zones,” said Dr. Khan. 

Below are a few quotes from Dr. Khan’s colleagues demonstrating the outpouring of support for her work: 

“This book will enrich both the understanding and practice of those working for justice and healing in Dr. Nyla Ali Khan’s homeland and many other countries, including the United States.  Thank you to Dr. Nyla Ali Khan for putting the spotlight on the people of Jammu and Kashmir with their urgent need for both Justice and healing” ~ Father Michael Lapsley SSM, Founder of the Institute for the Healing of Memories. 

“Begun during her father's final illness and death from lung cancer, Dr. Khan's book resonates with the pain of his loss while she draws strength from his moral stature. Primarily addressing faculty in non-Western countries, she looks into how best to help faculty teaching students who have experienced trauma in their societies.” ~ Catherine Hobbs, Professor Emeritus of English and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. 

“Nyla Ali Khan studies ethno-cultural dynamics with familiarity, as the scion of a leading political family in Jammu and Kashmir. “Nyla Ali Khan studies ethno-cultural dynamics with familiarity, as the scion of a leading political family in Jammu and Kashmir. Her accounts may hearten today’s young activists, for they instantiate the sustaining of resilience and humanity.”  ~ Metta Spenser, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Toronto, Canada. 

"In her book, Dr. Nyla Ali Khan brings attention to areas that are mostly ignored in conflict transformation, namely the role of psychological traumatization and the trans-generational transmission of trauma. Dr. Nyla Ali Khan is doing a great service to humanity, in our view, by discussing these issues." ~ Dr. Charles Tauber, CEO and Founder of Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and Peace. 

“As Dr. Khan takes on the hope for the democracy and humanity of Kashmir, she asks us to take on our own hope for democracy and humanity, reaching out for the other, in love, care, and understanding.” ~ Steve Morrow, Professor of English at Oklahoma City Community College. 

The death of her beloved father during the writing of this volume adds a level of empathy and understanding rarely seen in a rigorously researched academic, yet practical monograph. I am convinced that Dr. Khan’s ground-breaking work will make an extremely positive difference to countless young people, their families, and communities in South Asia and beyond. Dr. Khan is to be applauded for seeing the need to write this book--and doing so!” ~ William Tabbernee, PhD, Executive Director Emeritus, Oklahoma Conference of Churches. 

“Blending the intellectual rigor of a strategy of comparison, with the passion of a compelling personal narrative that begins in Jammu and Kashmir, this book is a clarion call for the collective societal healing of generational trauma.” ~ Diana J. Fox, PhD Professor of Anthropology, Founder/Editor Journal of International Women’s Studies, Bridgewater State University.