Rose State Professor’s Book In Publication Published January 29, 2021

Dr. KhanRose State College professor Dr. Nyla Ali Khan’s forthcoming book, “Educational Strategies for Youth Empowerment Through Conflict Zones: Transforming, Not Transmitting, Trauma”, can be pre-ordered through Full Circle Booksellers and Barnes and Noble. 

A recent endorsement by Dr. Robert Henry, former Attorney General of Oklahoma and immediate past President of Oklahoma City University (OCU): 

"Human rights do not come easily even in societies that acknowledge democratic values. Realizing this, and that 'the process of democratization is an evolutionary one and does not provide instant solutions,' Dr. Nyla Ali Khan turns her remarkable life experiences and intrepid scholarship to examine the effects of trauma on this evolution and the future of societies that have or have had specific experiences with trauma. The importance of healing trauma and the hopelessness and despair that it foments cannot be overstated. Dr. Khan’s bracing inquiries provide exciting and novel directions, especially for young people who will soon decide their as well as our futures."