Hero on Campus Published April 2, 2021

Farshid GhorbaniThis is Farshid Ghorbani, he is a first year dental hygiene student at Rose State College. Last Friday morning on his way to class, Farshid came up on a traffic accident. While passing by, he noticed one of the drivers was unconscious in their car. Emergency services hadn’t arrived yet, and no one else had stopped to help, so Farshid pulled over. He and another individual involved in the accident pulled the unconscious driver out of the car and Farshid immediately began performing CPR until emergency services arrived. The driver regained consciousness and when Farshid was about to leave, one of the EMT’s let him know that he had just saved that drivers life. The EMT also commented on the RSC sweatshirt Farshid was wearing, stating he attended Rose State as well and he was proud of Farshid for taking action.

We are absolutely amazed by Farshid’s bravery and very thankful he was there when he was.

Thank you for your courage, Farshid. You will forever be remembered as a hero on our campus!