Why Oklahoma Business Should Hire Local Graduates Published April 19, 2021

From the Desk of Dr. WebbAs the month of May approaches, graduation season is once again around the corner. Thousands of Oklahoma college graduates will be entering the workforce, looking for jobs. With telecommuting practices on the rise in the era of COVID-19, Oklahoma companies looking to hire have a nationwide pool of talent from which to recruit new hires. So, why should Oklahoma companies consider hiring local graduates over job applicants from across the nation? 

Local employees often have more incentives to build a career at your company. For many companies, the cost of employee turnover is extremely high. Employees who live in the same area as their place of work have fewer reasons to leave based on proximity. In addition, if your workplace has returned to in-person office arrangements – or has plans to do so in the near future – long-distance employees will miss out on many of the team bonding moments that are formed through in-person interactions. Ultimately, when your company hires local graduates, many will be motivated to be more productive and pursue longer-tenured careers with your company. 

Local employees contribute to your local economy. A rising tide lifts all boats. Local graduates support the businesses that make up your local economy. Your company may not see the direct benefits, but your local employees are nevertheless a part of the community that supports your business.  

Local employees are invested in building up your community. When you hire local graduates, they are equal participants in your community. These are the individuals who are the next generation of leaders, trend setters and decision makers who will shape your community for years to come. Oklahomans are all invested in making Oklahoma a better place to live and work. Let’s make sure our best and brightest graduates are motivated to stay in Oklahoma to build up our companies and communities.