Center for Success, Inclusion and Diversity’s New Mural Published May 13, 2021

muralMural painting is a fun interactive class we offer here at Rose State College! 

Originally, a mural was planned for the Communication Center, but unfortunately the building had some damage due to the winter weather from earlier this year. Dr. Monique Bruner had approach Dr. Suzanne Thomas in the past about a mural, so this seemed to be a perfect opportunity for her class and for the SID Center! The students presented 3-4 sketches and the staff choose this lovely piece. It was completed in over 3 Fridays, and 2 students who weren't even enrolled in the class also volunteered to help complete it!

Mural painting is offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Great work to our artsy Raiders! 

Students who helped paint the Mural:

  • Taylor Harper
  • Kali Ware
  • Preston Stooge 
  • Jacob Larson
  • Elyse Eade