Congrats to the Class of 2021! Published May 6, 2021 by Dr. Jeanie Webb

GraduateGraduation season is a special time on any college campus. It’s a time when students finally see the fruits of their labor pay off. Higher education is not an easy endeavor, but it offers immense rewards to students who seek to take charge of their future. 

In 1970, Rose State College first opened its doors as Oscar Rose Junior College. Now, 50 years later, the 50th class of Rose State students walks our campus. For every class that has passed through this campus, Rose State served not as an endpoint or a culmination of achievement but rather as a launching platform to future accomplishments and successes. 

To the Class of 2021, this is my charge to you. You have worked hard to reach this moment, but now your journey begins in earnest. The experiences and the lessons that my college education gave to me shaped who I am and the paths I have chosen throughout my life. Use the lessons and the skills you learned at Rose State in your future endeavors. Whether you enter the workforce or pursue further education, remember the foundations you built at Rose State. 

As a newly graduated student, your work is just beginning. Your education will open doors for you, but it will be up to you to seize your opportunities through hard work and dedication. Your education at Rose State trained you to think critically and to overcome obstacles. It is now your responsibility to apply these tools for success, set goals for yourself and blaze your own trail to pursue your aspirations. 

Throughout the past year, I have seen our students persevere despite the challenges of COVID-19 to pursue their educations. To graduate at this moment in human history is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations, Class of 2021, and good luck wherever your next steps lead you!