Donor Creates Scholarship For New Water Operators At Rose State College Published July 29, 2021

Basolo ScholarshipWith a generous donation from Southwest Chemical Company & Restaurant Supply, Rose State College (Rose State) has established the Bob Basolo Scholarship Award at Oklahoma Environmental Training Center (OETC). 

“A new scholarship for water operators could not come at a better time with the water industry in need of new recruits to fill increasing numbers of openings,” Rose State President Dr. Jeanie Webb said. “Thanks to Southwest Chemical Company & Restaurant Supply’s generosity, this scholarship will provide greater opportunities for individuals to enter the water industry.” 

For more than four decades, the OETC has trained Oklahoma’s water operators and has a consistently high pass rate for certifications. The OETC will award the scholarship to one deserving young man or woman each year (for the next five years) interested in a career in the water industry. 

The scholarship provides individual recipients with a specific skillset in just two weeks and starts them on a promising career path. The award will cover the cost of two D‑Level courses, a test fee for the D-Level Certification, one C-Level Lab course and a test fee for the C‑Level Lab Certification. The award is designed to put an unemployed, underemployed or undecided individual into a career where demand for qualified operators is high.

Applicants must:

    1. be 18 years of age or older;
    2. be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States;
    3. be a legal resident of the state of Oklahoma;
    4. have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license with clean driving record (No DUIs);
    5. have a high school diploma or GED;
    6. upon final selection enroll in D Water, D Wastewater, & C Lab classes;
    7. pass certification exams with 70 or better; and,
    8. apply to at least 3 water companies or municipalities upon completion of training.

Finalists for the scholarship must pass a background check and drug test before being awarded. 

Water careers may very well be one of the Oklahoma workforce’s best-kept secrets. Training, while intense, is completed inside one week for entry-level certification. Salaries are competitive. Jobs are in high demand and incredibly secure because of the infinite need for clean water. Technology has vastly improved the operator’s duties creating a safe, efficient work environment. Advancement opportunities are plentiful. Water operators, like our other civil servants, are everyday heroes– quietly maintaining and protecting a clean, safe water supply for the masses.  

Interested candidates can apply by visiting  The deadline to apply is extended through Oct. 1, 2021. 

For more information, please contact Cindy Mikeman at 405.736.0354 or


About Oklahoma Environmental Training Center:
More than 40 years ago, Rose State College was granted the 1975 gubernatorial designation as the Oklahoma Environmental Training Center (OETC), an honor solely held by Rose State since then. The OETC is committed to providing training for the education and advancement of professionals in Oklahoma's water, wastewater, and environmental industries. Moving forward we will be looking for new ways to enhance our training offerings by addressing industry trends, new technology and also challenges facing us including cyber security threats.