Rose State College Executive Director To Serve On Maps 4 Subcommittees Published December 10, 2021

Dr. Monique Bruner, Executive Director of Diversity and Cultural Affairs at Rose State, pictured on campus.Rose State College is pleased to announce Dr. Monique Bruner, Executive Director of Diversity and Cultural Affairs at Rose State, was recently appointed to serve on two MAPS 4 subcommittees. Dr. Bruner will serve as chair of the Civil Rights Center Subcommittee and vice chair of the Neighborhoods Subcommittee.

Parks, youth centers, senior wellness centers, animal shelters, the Freedom Center and Clara Luper Civil Rights Center are the main projects Dr. Bruner will focus on during her subcommittee tenure.

“I want to see Oklahoma City grow and embrace its diversity,” Dr. Bruner said. “The one-cent tax investment is exactly what our community needs to get there. It feels amazing to be selected for this task, and while the responsibility and work may seem overwhelming right now, I know my voice is needed.”

Dr. Bruner also currently serves on the MAPS 4 Citizens Advisory Board, representing Ward 7. The advisory board has six subcommittees, including the Civil Rights Center and Neighborhoods Subcommittees, which focus on special project planning and implementation. Each subcommittee has two members from the advisory board designated as chair and vice chair by Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt.

Dr. Bruner explained some of the subcommittees’ goals are to build a new state of the art civil rights museum and interactive educational center honoring educator and civil rights advocate Clara Luper and other Oklahoma City community leaders that sparked a revolution. There are also plans to renew, renovate and improve programming at Oklahoma City parks, youth centers, senior wellness centers and animal shelters.

A 20-year veteran of Rose State College, Dr. Bruner also serves as board chair for the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce and past board chair for Sharing Tree.