Rose State College Selected For Oklahoma Hunger-Free Campus Act Published May 15, 2023

Oklahoma Hunger-Free Campus Act - Campus Grant AwardsPilot program addresses post-secondary student hunger 

Rose State College was one of six public institutions selected for the Oklahoma Hunger-Free Campus Act pilot program. The school also received a matching grant of $26,667.00. The Oklahoma Hunger-Free Campus Act is a statewide pilot program addressing post-secondary student hunger. For a school to be defined as a Hunger-Free Campus, it must have anti-hunger programs on campus. 

Rose State started an on-campus food pantry named Raider Necessities in 2018-2019, which stayed open throughout the pandemic. In 2022, Raider Necessities served nearly 7,000 Rose State students, faculty and staff. Located in the Diversity Center across the street from the Student Union, Raider Necessities provides a free resource for all students, faculty and staff to utilize twice monthly. A Rose State ID is required to shop the pantry. 

“We have made an impact with our students, faculty and staff already with our food pantry, Raider Necessities,” Rose State Executive Director of Diversity and Cultural Affairs Monique Bruner said. “As a participant in the Oklahoma Hunger-Free Campus Act pilot program and the receipt of this grant, we can expand our reach through increased inventory and upgraded refrigerated areas and electrical panel.” 

The Rose State Hunger Task Force has defined three primary goals for the pilot program: 

  1. Increase awareness of the food pantry through distributing promotional flyers and posters; hosting informational events to educate students and staff about the food pantry’s mission, services and eligibility requirements; and partnering with the Student Government Association or Hispanic Student Association to raise awareness through social media and other platforms.
  2. Expand the food pantry’s reach by surveying the student body and faculty to determine the food pantry’s current reach and assess the demand for its services; partnering with local food banks, grocery stores and other businesses to secure donations of non-perishable items, fresh produce and hygiene products; and developing a system for tracking inventory and ensuring the food pantry is stocked with a variety of healthy food options.
  3. Enhance the food pantry’s services by establishing partnerships with community organizations that offer complementary services such as financial assistance, housing support and healthcare; and creating a volunteer program to assist with the food pantry’s operations and events. 

With the grant, Rose State is planning an awareness day campaign activity, including writing letters to elected officials, creating a display in the student union with groceries and their approximate cost and a food and toiletry drive held. 

For more information, contact the Rose State Hunger Task Force at (405) 736-0344 or