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Foundation Agenda

Foundation Board Agendas

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Previous Agendas 2013 - 2017:

Previous Agendas 2018:

Previous Agendas 2019:

Previous Agendas 2020:

Current Agendas 2021:

Current Agendas 2022:

View the Agenda for the March 1, 2022 meeting (PDF)

By Laws

By Laws (PDF)
By Law Exhibits A, B, and C (PDF) 

Foundation Policy Manual 

Foundation Policy Manual (PDF)

Foundation Financial Statements

2015 Foundation Final Financial Statement (PDF) 
Form 990
2016 Audited RSC Financial Statements (PDF)
FY 2015 Form 990 (PDF)
FY 2016 Form 990 (PDF)
2017 Audited RSC Financial Statements (PDF)
2018 Audited RSC Financial Statements (PDF)