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Rosie the Riveters


During WWII women from around the country were called into action to work in our country's defense factories to help the war effort.  These women were fondly called Rosie the Riveters.  Following is a collection of interviews from Rosie the Riveters that served throughout Oklahoma during this time of our nation's history.  

Cabanis, Helen

Born:  Sapulpa, Oklahoma, July 4, 1912
Interviewed:  March 16, 2003
Interviewer:  Sheree-Ann Joseph
Topic:  Work experience during World War II

Clark, Mary

Born:  1917
Interviewed:  April 4, 2003
Interviewer:  Kim Wyatt
Topic:  World War II work experience

Conrad, Juanita

Born:  1912
Interviewed:  February 21, 2003
Interviewer:  Cheryl Spano
Topic:  Work experience during WWII

Davis, Virginia

Born:  Jan. 8, 1922
Interviewed:  April 5, 2003
Interviewer:  LaFreda Sapp
Topic:  Mrs. Davis’ work experience during World War II.

Derrik, Pauline

Born:  1924
Interviewed:  March 1, 2003
Interviewer:  Meredith Fazendin
Topic:  World War II work experience at Tinker Field/Douglas Aircraft

Kate Grant

Born:  1924
Interviewed:  April 5, 2003
Interviewer:  Brittany Mhoon
Topic:  World War II work experience

Gray, Marie

Born:  1918
Interviewed:  2003
Interviewer:  Dana Brotherton
Topic:  Work experience during World War II

Hardy, Mary

Born:  1920
Interviewed:  April 1, 2003
Interviewer:  Adam Hewett
Topic:  Work experience during WWII

Lee, Wilma

Born:  1926
Interviewed:  March 5, 2003
Interviewer:  Kim Caldwell
Topic:  Work experience during WWII

Loftin, Lois

Born:  March 24, 1927, Wilson, OK
Interviewed:  Dec. 8, 2002
Interviewer:  Brian Loftin
Topic:  Tinker AFB employment during WWII

Losginbyhl, Juanita

Born:  1924
Interviewed:  Spring 2003
Interviewer:  Keisha Graham
Topic:  Rosie the Riveter experience

McLane, Genevieve

Born:  July 20, 1918 at Anadarko, Oklahoma
Interviewed:  4/13/03
Interviewer:  Hank H. Hester
Topic:  Work Experience During World War II

Miller, Marcelle

Born:  Gould, Oklahoma, west of Lawton
Interviewer:  Catherine Peters-Ellis & Joan Were

Palon, Alma

Born:  October 31, 1925, Hopkinsville, KY
Interviewed:  Feb. 27, 2003
Interviewer:  Ryan Burch

Semrad, Darlene

Born:  1921
Interviewed:  April 2, 2003
Interviewer:  Carly Sawyer
Topic:  Rosie the Riveter

Sutterfield, Betty

Interviewed:  March 4, 2003
Interviewer:  Linda Y. Davis
Topic:  Mrs. Sutterfield’s experiences during World War II