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Faculty Development Initiative

Faculty Development CEU Rewards Guidelines

  1. Eligible personnel will include (in order of priority): full-time faculty; faculty with less than 100% teaching responsibility; adjunct faculty; professional/staff.

  2. Workshops will be limited to 16 people. Priority will be provided to all new faculty who are required to attend the “core” sessions. The allocation of additional spaces will be made following a review of enrollment merit/needs and budget considerations.

  3. Continuing Education Units (CEU) may be earned by attending those sessions/workshops identified in the Faculty Development Catalog (FDC).

  4. CEUs will be awarded as identified in the FDC. With minor exceptions, each hour of attendance will equate to 0.1 CEU credits. These shall accumulate over time by faculty who attend sessions offered during the fall, spring, and/or summer semesters.

  5. A waitlist will be created for those faculty wishing to attend a session that is full. If seats become available, those on the waitlist will be contacted. Therefore, faculty are expected to provide notification prior to the registration deadline if they are unable to attend. Faculty who fail to attend a session and provide such notice will receive a lower priority when assigning spaces in future workshops.

  6. Faculty who leave a workshop prior to its conclusion, or who fail to complete all the activities of the workshop, shall not receive CEU credit for that workshop.

  7. Those faculty who earn 1.5 CEU’s or more may redeem credits for a cash payment at the rate of 1.5 CEU’s for $300 (pretax). Once a block of 1.5 CEU’s is redeemed for payment, it may not apply to any future reward in this incentive program. The faculty may attend additional workshops to accrue additional CEU credits.

  8. Those faculty who earn 3.0 CEU credits may redeem their credits for an iPad. The specific guidelines that apply are:
    • The iPad will be equipped with 32 GB and WiFi. It will NOT have 3G capabilities.
    • The iPad will come with no additional attachments, cases, or wiring.
    • The iPad will remain property of Rose State College for a period of three years. Faculty shall have full professional and personal use of the iPad during this time. After three years, the faculty member will be provided the opportunity to purchase the iPad for $1. This issuance will NOT be treated as taxable income to the faculty member.
    • Faculty who separate from RSC prior to three years, and have received an iPad as part of this program, will be required to return the iPad to College. It will remain property of RSC and must be returned to the College prior to separation.
    • Once a block of 3.0 CEU’s is redeemed for an iPad, or similar device, it may not apply to any future reward in this incentive program. The faculty may attend additional workshops to accrue additional CEU credits. However, faculty who have already redeemed 3.0 CEUs will receive lower priority when registering for future workshops.
    • CEU credit will be redeemable for up to 4 years. Upon the 4-year anniversary of receipt of CEU credit, the credit will be removed from the faculty member’s accumulated total.
    • Individual workshops may be repeated as space permits; however, CEU credit will not be awarded for any repeated sessions.

  9. Redemption of CEU credits will be made available only as described. No partial payments shall be made. Again, all monetary payments will be treated as taxable income.

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