Classified Staff Association

CSA Election of 2019-20 Officers

CSA Election of 2019-20 Officers

It is time for the election of CSA officers for 2019-2020. Voting begins Wednesday, May 22 thru Wednesday, May 29 (ends at 5:00 pm)

The results will be given out at the next CSA meeting.
Votes must be made by Classified Staff members only. Therefore, you are asked to include your email address below. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Select One Candidate:

  • Mike Driskill
  • Amber Long
  • Cynthia Richards

Vice President

Select One Candidate:

  • Laurisa Bernhardt
  • Frances Grant
  • Marcy Roll


Select One Candidate:

  • Kathy Dunn
  • Paula Gordon
  • Stephanie Rosillo

There is one candidate for CSA Secretary: Stephanie Copple. Congratulations, Stephanie!