Professional/Administrative Staff Association (PASA)


Welcome to the Professional/Administrative Staff Association (PASA) homepage. Recognizing its role in improving and promoting academic excellence and campus life, the Professional/Administrative Staff Association of Rose State College was established November 14, 1990. The professional & administrative staff believe that they, together with comparable campus organizations, and the President and his/her staff share a joint responsibility for the academic excellence and the campus environment.


The purposes of PASA shall be:

  • To sponsor and encourage opportunities for employees' professional growth.
  • To foster communication among professional and administrative employees on campus.
  • To increase representation of professional and administrative employees on College committees and in policy development.
  • To provide a forum for the continuing review of College policies and to function as a consultative body to the College President.
  • To act as a liaison between professional and administrative employees and the College community on issues of common concern.
  • To encourage greater participation by professional and administrative employees in the College community.

2018 PASA Excellence Award winner:

Kirby Harzman
Kirby Harzman
Senior Director, Student Life Student Life
(405) 733-7387
2018-2019 PASA Officers
  • Alicia McCullar, President
Alicia McCullar
Alicia McCullar
Director, Student Engagement Student Life
(405) 733-7371

  • Sheilynda Stewart, Vice President/President Elect
Sheilynda  Stewart
Sheilynda Stewart
Director of Information Systems Information Technology
(405) 733-7356

  • Alyssa Loveless, Past President
Alyssa Loveless
Alyssa Loveless
Director, Residence Life Student Affairs
(405) 736-0373

  • Misty Engelbrecht, Secretary
Misty Engelbrecht
Misty Engelbrecht
Director, Workforce Development Corporate Training Workforce Development
(405) 736-0384

  • Donnie Anderson, Treasurer
Donald Anderson
Donald Anderson
Coordinator, Future Student Relations and Engagement Student Life
(405) 736-0234

  • Monique Bruner, Parliamentarian
Monique Bruner
Monique Bruner
Director, Center for Success, Inclusion & Diversity Student Life
(405) 733-7524

PASA Bylaws

PASA Bylaws (PDF) 
Past Presidents (PDF)

PASA General Meeting Agendas
May 18th, 2018 (PDF) 

PASA Executive Committee Minutes
September 27th, 2018 Meeting (PDF)