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Foundations Summer Bridge Program

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What is Bridge?

The Foundations Summer Bridge Program is designed to help first-time college students whose ACT or placement test scores fall into the developmental range for English, reading, and/or math. In the eight-week course, students will work at their own pace through a program that will build their skills in these areas and build their confidence in their school work. The goal of Bridge is to allow students to test out of developmental classes or to better prepare them for success in those classes.  

Professor working with two students in classroom setting

When Will it Be Offered?

A morning section will meet Monday/Wednesday 9-:11:45 and will take place in Humanities room 130 for the initial meeting.

The section will be led by RSC instructors and will offer individualized instruction and one-on-one time with instructors and tutors. Student success is our goal!

What Will It Cost?

Course materials will be provided, but tuition fees apply for Bridge. The Summer Bridge Program is applicable for summer financial aid. 

Students who attend Bridge will receive:

• An RSC bookstore gift card
• Free orientation session following completion of the program
• Free placement testing
• Confidence in their skills going forward in college work

Enroll today before all the spots are gone and you miss this opportunity!

For More Information:

Lacey Veazey-Daniel

For enrollment information, contact
Chris Shaneyfelt