Steven Fowler

Fowler, Steven

Areas of Expertise:

  • Energy
    • Solar and Wind Energy
    • Engines
    • Thermodynamics
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Engineering Education
    • Engineering Design Process and other problem Solving methods
    • Difference between Knowledge and Understanding
    • Reaching multiple learning types
  • 3-D Printing and Digital Manufacturing
    • Use of CAD software to create prototypes

Steven L. Fowler is a native of Oklahoma. He graduated from Newcastle High School, where he raised and showed cattle and was a competitive public speaker through FFA. He went on to attend Oklahoma State University where he earned a BS and an MS in Biosystems Engineering. While finishing his bachelor’s degree he also completed a minor in Mathematics. During graduate school, Steve met his beautiful wife, Jamie. They now live in the “country” east of Guthrie.

Steve’s personal and educational experiences provide a unique foundation from which he can speak as an expert on a variety of subjects. In graduate school, Steve was able to combine his agricultural, engineering, and mathematical backgrounds during the completion of his master’s thesis to develop computer software for mathematically modeling the differential equations involved in the counter-flow cooling and drying process of livestock feed pellets. Today, Steve is an Engineering Professor at Rose State College where he is able to combine his engineering education with the leadership, interpersonal, and public speaking skills he began developing as early as high school. He has taught various courses in Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics, but his passion is in two main areas: Energy and 3-D Printing. His thesis work and the development of curriculum for thermal science courses like Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, provides Professor Fowler with a diverse knowledge set on many topics in energy, heat, engines, and alternative energy sources. Additionally, Steve enjoys teaching courses in Engineering Design where students utilize CAD software and 3-D Printing. This area of expertise has allowed him to serve as an advisor in the development of Rose State College’s FABLab and as a mentor for student interns working at local technology companies such as ATC and Spier’s New Technologies.