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Welcome to the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at Rose State College! Whether you are looking for a place to study, locate academic resources, ask the Reference Librarian a question, receive tutoring, surf the Web, take a proctored test, receive online learning support, or meet your friends, the LRC is here for you. We hope to see you soon!

The LRC is comprised of the following main service areas:

The Library includes access to circulating and non-circulating materials, textbook reserves, study areas, and a computer lab. Temporarily located in the University Center (building 17 on the campus map).

Instructional Support & Online Learning provides instructional design and technology support to faculty who wish to build quality on-campus, online, and blended courses. This is the area that administers and manages the Brightspace (by D2L) integrated learning platform. They also support the operation of the Rose D2L Helpdesk. Temporarily located in the Training Center (building 24 on the campus map).

The Testing Center administers tests at the request of instructors for math and science courses, Internet and hybrid classes, make-up tests for campus courses, advanced standing tests, and computer proficiency exams. Correspondence testing is done by arrangement only and requires special permission. Temporarily located in the Science & Math building, Rooms SM120 and SM122 (building 8 on the campus map).

Tutoring Center provides tutoring services to all Rose students as well as area high school students for most required general education courses. Temporarily located in the Child Development Center, Rooms CD115, CD116, and CD117 (building 16 on the campus map).

Academic Outreach primarily serves high school students at area high schools and incarcerated students at state correctional centers. Temporarily located in the Child Development Center, Room CD100, CD103, and CD104 (building 16 on the campus map).

Disability Services is available as a resource for students and faculty to help arrange appropriate accommodations that make College services accessible to all students. Temporarily located in the Child Development Center, Room CD109 (building 16 on the campus map).

The LRC is home to several resources for students, faculty, and staff. We, happily, make some of these resources available to the broader community outside the College. However, during the LRC renovation from June 1, 2015 to August 1, 2016, many community services will be drastically limited because of available space. We hope our community visitors understand that our primary responsibility is to students, faculty, and staff. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to providing our typical community services when we return to the renovated building in August of 2016.

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